JUMP into WintER

JUMP into WintER

Bag at You Artis 1

Bag at You Artis 2

Bag at You Artis 4

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Bag at You Artis 5a

Wearing NIKKIE Jumper, Romano Bag and Only Mini-Skirt.

Whether you are a child or an adult, animals will always have a magical power on people. Families, friends and other groups of people go to the zoo to enjoy the exotic animal noises and most extraordinary sights. On the one hand, it is a shame to lock those beautiful creatures for the “amusement” of people but on the other hand, it is quite amazing that we can enjoy the existence of these animals so close to home (especially when you consider the fact that not everyone is fortunate enough to see these animals living in the wild).

SAM_0282So last week – on the last day of our Indian-summer, me and my college-friends had a reunion and guess where we assembled: Artis! It was absolutely lovely to wander about, looking at the different animals while chit-chatting about life, boys, work and the future! As you can see, we immediately felt “home” which might be the result of us wearing prints from the jungle!

Because… Wild life is a great inspiration for the fashion world. We love to wrap ourselves in mysterious animal-prints. It also was love at first sight when I saw this bag on the mannequin: this leopard design is edgy but also accessible in a way that it can be dressed-up or dressed-down – I just had to have it!

About the RED: bloody tones holding a dazzling and harmless charm this season. It is the color of love, energy, passion and action! Moreover, the reds give a healthy, warm and lively feeling to your look!

Bag at You Artis Twiggy

This was the first time I wore this jumper and it is already my new favorite one. This cool sporty sweater is very comfi and very suitable to wear on my college-reunion! It looks good on your jeans, but I chose to combine my jumper with this mini-skirt, the skirt that is popular for more than 50 years now. The celebrated British designer, Mary Quant introduced this new (for the time – scandalous) design to our fashion market. The beautiful Twiggy showed this leg-baring skirt and soon it was on the covers of each of the iconic magazines. I will always love the mini, especially this rock-chic leather version!

Be inspired and jump – while showing some legs – into this colorful winter!

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