We bought our first home!!


We bought our first home!!

Happy Sunday babes!! I’m so excited to share this very big announcement!! B and I bought our first home!! We bought this house a few months ago, but we are very excited to move in 4 weeks! It still feels so surreal and I can’t believe we will be actual house owners. It’s a real house and I feel so mature. And so happy; knowing that our baby boy will grow up here. We will move to Haarlem, another city close to Amsterdam but closer to the beach. I have always dreamt of living close to the beach and I couldn’t think of a better place to raise our little boy.

When I first moved to Amsterdam in February 2011, I could never have thought I would love this city so much. Two of my best friends and I found a beautiful and spacious apartment on the Nieuwe Prinsengracht and that is where we started living as young professionals. Because back then, I worked as a M&A lawyer. I also immediately started dating my husband, and what better place to do so then in Amsterdam with its romantic canals, awesome party scene and great restaurants. We even decided to get married here in 2016 (click here for the wedding blog) and there was no doubt to return to this city after we came back from our expat adventure in San Francisco and Houston. But… we are both ready for a new adventure, a new city, a new house close to the sea! However, before I go, I try to enjoy Amsterdam as much as I can. Especially with this beautiful weather that we have been having lately, it is so much fun to walk around in this Aztec Mini Dress and these amazing Donna Carolina flower sneakers. They are really comfortable and match almost every outfit. This dress is not maternity but I love it so much that I’m going to try to wear it as long as I can as I’m not sure how fast I will grow now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant. I also really love my new makeover by Cosmo Hairstyling, with a fresh cut and beautiful blonde color. What do you prefer? Summer blonde or brunette?


Get the look: Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag, Aztec Mini Embroidered Skater Shirt Dress, Donna Carolina Sneakers and Rayban Sunglasses


Photography by Marinke Davelaar / @Marinke_photography

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As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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