What your bag says about you..!


What your bag says about you..!

“Style is saying who you are without having to speak,” celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe once famously explained. And such is the case when it comes to accessorising your outfit, right down to the bag. Fashion is a form of self-expression and should be utilised as so. You may not realise it, but the items you choose to wear say a lot about who you are. Do you ever wonder what kind of vibe your style gives off? Today I’m taking a closer look at the bags women wear and what each bag says about a woman’s personality. Let’s see what your bag says about you!

If you… Love loud prints
You’re probably… Outgoing
As Harper’s Bazaar explains, women who love bright, busy patterns are all about having fun with fashion. Wearing your personality on your sleeve (or in this case, on your bag!) is important to you. You’re not afraid to try new things, whether in fashion or otherwise. You’re unapologetically you, and that’s why people love you.


If you’re… Drawn to classic clutches
You’re probably… Down-to-earth
You’re in the store browsing bags, but somehow you always come out with a simple clutch you know will match with everything. Your taste is refined and not too flashy, meaning you’re probably easygoing. The timeless appeal of classics speaks to your ability to mesh well with just about anyone. And you’re not too far off: a Forbes article pulled some research that supports classic style giving off a positive vibe.

Bag at You - Fashion blog - What your bag says about you - classic clutch

If you… Can’t pass up the bling
You’re probably… A ton of fun
Do you often find your eyes darting to the nearest shiny object? It’s not that you have a problem paying attention; you just love glitz and glam. You’re always the first to hit the dance floor, and you hate to pass up a good time. You don’t mind when the spotlight is on you… No penalty there!

Bag at You - Fashion blog - What your bag says about you - bling bagIf you… Opt for backpacks
You’re probably… A lover of adventure
Not one to spend life stuck in a box, you live for fresh experiences and need a bag that can handle your spontaneous lifestyle. You often find yourself checking out ready-for-anything backpacks similar to those found at Lyst, probably because they are roomy enough for all your must-haves. After all, you never know what the next big adventure might entail.


If you… Pre-order the newest trend
You’re probably… A forward-thinker
If the thought of a bag hitting stores before your shoulder scares you, you’re not one to fall behind. Whether forecasting fashion trends, pushing your professional life or simply previewing the newest film, you’re always ready to keep moving upward and onward. A wardrobe full of basic pieces bores you, and you’re not shy to pursue what you want.


Of course, these assumptions are to be taken light-heartedly and in good spirit. After all, nobody knows you better than yourself! And as long as you follow your heart and stick to your own style, you won’t ever have to worry about explaining yourself. Your bag choice has already done that for you. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

P.s. All images from Lyst.*
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