Break the rules & cheat!


Break the rules & cheat!

What?! In the world of fashion, everything is accepted. So once in a while, I feel like disobeying the rules and one way of doing that is to mix and match. Not only in terms of items, brands or styles but also in gender. Whomever said that a man’s though looking backpack does not match an off-the-shoulder dress, a pair of sky-high heels or a feminine leopard coat is proven wrong in this article. This Mi-Pac Backpack Maxwell has been designed for the guys, but – as already explained in this Man Bags post – you men make us women want to break the rules and cheat. So I did and I was caught by the camera… Besides the practical benefits that this bag is bigger than the Mi-Pac classic and has a padded lap-top sleeve, it also assures the impulsive, casual and original touch of this look. I would have easily worn this outfit to one of my business meetings when I was a lawyer and today I happily dress like this when I visit a PR firm.

And tell me, How do you like to break the rules of fashion? 


Get the look: Mi-Pac Backpack Maxwell, Maison Scotch Leopard coat (similar here), Ana Alcazar off-the-shoulder dress (similar here), heels by Danielle Dentici, gloves by & Other Stories.


– Pics by Cotton & Cream

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