Villa Thalia Dinnershow


Villa Thalia Dinnershow

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Grab your bag and go to the Villa Thalia dinnershow in Rotterdam! Trust me, you have to experience and see this show for yourself. This is a spectacle, a very special entertainment event and a true party. The dancers assure a varied mix of streetdance and acrobatics and the artists, such as Raffaela Paton, Rachel Kramer, sing to the stars. It was so good to hear ‘If you want to be my lover’ and ‘Sex on the Beach’ again and just shamelessly dance and sing along. And while we were enjoying the show, the two-star-chef François Geurds prepared a wonderful menu starting with dim sum, green curry soup, tagging of lamb and a journey where FG meets Villa Thalia in candy land. The final dessert is that this venue turns into a club afterwards, so you can stay here until the morning. Villa Thalia is truly the perfect place for a bachelor party as well as a family reunion, a company team building or just to have a good date with your boyfriend.

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