The bag of… Simone

The bag of… Simone

Bag at You Simone van Wissen Bag

Since a few weeks, Simone knows it is true: once you get attached to that one particular bag, you will be absolutely lost without it. Simone’s favorite container accompanied her from Haarlem to work each and every day. Until it broke!

ZARA Bag SimoneAs Simone is also moving house, she couldn’t easily grab another bag out of her collection. She therefore made a visit to the ZARA, the perfect store to find your apparel & accessories for work. She was looking for a bag that would have the following characteristics: (i) it should be an all-round bag, as it will have to go with her work, leisure and party outfits; (ii) the bag should be comfi and easy to wear as Simone is a very active woman; (iii) it should be big enough to carry her stuff as well as the essentials of her little daughter of only one year old; and (iv) the most important one, it should not have a common look.

This navy blue drawstring bucket bag caught her final eye and as Simone said: “This bag is not bad at all for a second best choice and meets all my needs!

Mini BagP.s. Bag at You thinks this mini bag with pompoms is perfect for the cute mini-you!

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