Real talk: motherhood ♥


Real talk: motherhood ♥

Exactly one year ago I found out that I was pregnant with my sweet little boy! Today, he is 15 weeks and two days old. I couldn’t have dreamt of a sweeter, cuter, happier and healthier baby and becoming his mom was the absolute highlight of 2018. He is making me the happiest girl in the world and I try to soak up every second of my newborn son. It is crazy how every cliche about having a baby becomes reality! I can stare at his tiny feet for hours and never want to miss a smile. I believe he has the sweetest and most friendly face of all and he has already made me a much better person. I just started working again and I hope I can continue to be a good mom, amazing wife, have successful career and a fun social life – yes, I want it all! These pictures were taken 6 weeks ago and like any other cliche, he is growing too fast! But let’s have a real talk here on the blog in which I will reveal all things that no mom (nor any cliche) told me…

– The things they don’t tell you about Motherhood –

Under attack: little boys can pee! And it appears that their favorite moment to pee is when they don’t wear diapers. Which means that you are under attack during changing & when he is going in bath. And there is really nothing you can do to stop him… However, you can limit the damage. Make sure you go in prepared and put something on his little willy before he can wet you and the entire room. Do you have to share a fun story about this?

Drinking. Eating. Peeing. All things that you forget to do when you are a new mom. Oke maybe you don’t forget it, but there will be days that you realize it’s 3pm and you are thinking shit… the baby ate already 5 times and mamma nothing. The baby slept already for 12 hours and mamma 2. The baby already went in bad and had 3 new outfits and mama is still in pajamas. I know, embarrassing but also unhealthy. Not just for you but also for the baby. Because I believe, who takes care of herself also takes care of her baby. So come on mamma, get in the shower, put on some make up, a clean outfit & make yourself breakfast (and eat it!!). Trust me, it will make you feel so good! And that will make you an even better mommy! Any tips to add from other mommies?

Breastfeed-pain. I was exclusively breastfeeding Boudewijn when he was born. However, from the start, breastfeeding has been very painful. So after two months I decided to supplement some feedings with formula. As other mommy’s can understand, it is a very emotional decision to transition. I felt like I was failing my little boy’s needs and that made me feel guilty. It was like as if I gave up, which is not something a mom takes easy, especially when you want to give and do your best for the one you love most. However, it seems like he is loving it just as much as the boob and it makes me enjoy the couple of breastfeedings that I still do today, even more. Any other moms that experienced stress around feeding their baby?

Control. You have to let go… I realised that I had no control in the first few weeks. The baby can not be controlled and things will not go according to schedule, at least, not here with little B. I’m his mother and I’m the boss, but in the end, he will wake up when he wakes up, cries for food when he is hungry and needs a new diaper every-time you just wanted to go out the door. You could get frustrated but just think that in the end, all that matters is that you spent time with your little man. It is so cliche but true, let go and enjoy the day as it comes. Did you find it hard to let go, those first few weeks?

Cry for help. At some point, in one of those beautiful first weeks, there will be a moment that you will cry – maybe scream even – for help. Because there will be a day that you feel powerless and whatever you do to make him stop crying, there is just nothing that seems to please him. And on those days I just wished – really wished – my mom lived next door. But she doesn’t and as ‘mom independent’, you need to just hold on, trust me, the day after everything will be easier. And then he smiles at you and you heart will meld and nothing else matters… Wouldn’t you agree? 


Happy New Year & Enjoy the below pictures!
Bag-at-you---2-months-old-baby-boyBag-at-you---Baby-feet Bag-at-you---Baby-shoot---Motherhood Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Maternity-stye Bag-at-you---mamma-blog---son-and-mother Bag-at-you---mamma-blog Bag-at-you---maternity-blog---motherhood Bag-at-you---Mom-and-child-hands Bag-at-you---Mom-and-child-holding-hands Bag-at-you---Motherhood---baby Bag-at-you---Motherhood---happiest-mom-in-the-world

Photography by Marinke Davelaar / @Marinke_photography


As always, thank you for reading and hope to see you here in the new year! XoXo Susanne!

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