Future bags!

Future bags!

Bag at You - Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag with LightHappy 2015!! Hurrah! We are a little closer to the future! The future of our own success, the future of our own happiness and… The future of fashion! The prospects of this industry are endless and on the radar of each and every fashion designer. Innovation – a big word! The consumer is getting smarter and is in need of a more sustainable fashion-system. Technology is becoming a big player in the fashion industry and research is done on the possibilities of bio electronics and digital skin. In a few years, we will walk around in 3D printed-dresses, use a digital changing room while we are shopping online and pick our outfit by using a digital closet-system. Fashion designers want and have to be innovative and create fashionable products using the newest techniques available to serve the needs of the customers.

Having said that, I want to share the future of bags! Luxury is combined with technology and yes… It is suuuper divine!

Within little time, you will be able to wear a super stylish Black Ricky Bag With Light by Ralph Lauren that is charging your phone at the same time! This bag is handcrafted by Italian artisans from smooth, specially selected calfskin and features an illuminated interior together with an integrated USB port to charge your mobile phone while you are promenading with your stylish handbag! This bag does have a price-tag: a little over EUR 4,000. Pre-order now: http://rlauren.co/RickyLight

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