FashionWeek Report Fall/Winter 2016/2017


FashionWeek Report Fall/Winter 2016/2017

After you have been to FashionWeek three days in a row, you’ll have seen a lot of beautiful pieces and you’ll have many reasons to be excited. For me, it all started with the amazing show of the Moroccan designer Said Mahrouf who was inspired by nature. Afterwards Claes Iversen presented his couture and ready to wear collection with the sixties in mind. The last show on Friday brought us beautiful pieces of lingerie by Tess van Zalinge, which would all remind you of the Dutch landscapes with its characteristic colors like blue, green and greys. These bras even make me doubt to wear a top;). On Saturday we started with a lot of positive energy by Esther Haamke who’s collection was all about luck which she expressed by using a lot of metallics, cut outs and bold colorful prints. As a opposite, SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers showed lovely wearable pieces with a mix of styles (satin feminine skirts and casual tomboy sweaters), prints (rhombus and panthers) and fabrics (wool and silk), and almost every model carried a perfect bag. And last night it was Oilily to take us all around the world with soft colors and warm fabrics. Finally Tony Cohen proved that black is the new black.

I would very much like to elaborate a bit more about three collections described above… Which designer is your favourite?

Said Mahrouf


The models of this talented Moroccan designer were floating through the air like exotic birds and the fabrics were sensual and light like feathers. Fall/Winter 2017 will be about asymmetrical shapes, striking colours and sequins. Keep the accent on the waist and reveal some skin by using an off the shoulder, a split or décolleté.

II by Claes Iversen

Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---Claes-Iversen---Fall-Winter-2017 Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---Claes-Iversen-2--Fall-Winter-2017 Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---Claes-Iversen-White-dress--Fall-Winter-2017Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---Fashion-Week-Amsterdam---Claes-Iversen

As long as you wear a collar you are good to go next winter! The Dutch designer Claes Iversen was inspired by the movie Rosemary’s baby and started with the ready-to-wear collection including sixty-style-pieces in black, burgundy, olive and pink. And afterwards he showed us eleven couture creations which didn’t fail to impress, especially the final wedding dress that almost makes me to exchange mine;)!



You can be a lady and feel comfortable during Fall/Winter 2016. Oilily proved that our so-called melting pot of ethnic diversity is a beautiful thing where all styles from every corner of the world come together. With a pair of fashionable flat shoes and some glimmering socks you have the perfect starting point of your outfit. And don’t forget to add a scarf, which is still the signature of Oilily. A collection for ambitious and no-nonsense women: you are allowed to work and feel comfortable and stylish. Use some color, it works! But is you don’t feel like it, grey over grey is also a very good combination.


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