FashionWeek Amsterdam!

FashionWeek Amsterdam!

Bag at You - Suggested Outfit Fashionweek Amsterdam

My suggested FashionWeek outfit: 1) Karl Lagerfeld Klassik mini textured-leather shoulder bag; 2) Missmatch occasion double & drop earrings; 3) Faux Fur Jacket Burgundy; 4) Koh natural shade; 5) Tommy Hilfiger Cuddle Oxfords; 6) Black skirt with mesh overlay; 7) Black feather top 

Grab your bag and go to FashionWeek Amsterdam! A big event which is accountable for a lot of excitement & publicity! Starting tomorrow with the Downtown program, Amsterdam will be hosting the big fashion feast and we will be able to experience fashion together with art, music, culture, dance and theater. The theme is “from catwalk to sidewalk” & we can’t wait for the fashion shows where upcoming talent and celebrated designers will show their new collection at the MBFWA Catwalk as from 22 January.

But how and when did FashionWeek came into existence? The beginning of fashion haute couture started in Paris when Charles Frederick Worth opened his own design house in the middle of the 19th century. In 1868, the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture parisienne was set up to monitor French fashion and trends and also looked after the designers. To understand the rest of this article you should keep in mind that in that period of time (i) creating a dress was very time consuming and that (ii) the buyers (mostly Americans) could knock on the door of the fashion houses whenever it suited them best. This resulted in the fact that the fashion designers did not have enough time to design, create and finish their collections. So in 1910, Chambre Syndicale came with this brilliant solution and announced that the fashion designers would open their house to show the new collections to the buyers only two times a year (February & August). This was the beginning of FashionWeek..!

New York, London, Milan and Paris are hosting the most prominent fashion weeks of the world’s fashion industry. But we must certainly not underestimate the FashionWeek in our own fashion capital, which starts this Friday and ends on 26 January. Are you coming? If you are unable to join, no worries! Together with Amsterdam Calling, I will be creating a short movie in which we will showcase some of the best moments of Amsterdam FashionWeek 2015! So stay tuned and wait for more!

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