Ponte Arcari Amsterdam

Ponte Arcari Amsterdam

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Grab your bag and go to Ponte Arcari (Amsterdam)!

Not to be qualified as a new, trendy or as a pop up place… Ponte Arcari is a classic Italian restaurant! For 15 years this tiny authentic hotspot is located in a 400 years old canalside house. As the name reveals, this place is located on the edge of a bridge on one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam, the Herengracht.

This restaurant has approximately 30 seats and is always filled up with a wide variety of people. The waiters are super kind and always in for a joke. My favorite dishes are vitello tonato and the seafood pasta. However, this time I tried the spaghetti del giorno (ravioli di funghi al tartufo) and this pasta was even better than it sounds! I also got a bite from my boyfriend’s pasta: pasta pesto di pollo pomodoro which was delicious as well! Keep in mind though that Ponte Arcari saves the best for last: tiramisù with white chocolate sauce!

Ponte Arcari is a no-nonsense restaurant for Italian food lovers. This restaurant is open seven days a week and from Tuesday to Friday for lunch as well. You can enjoy your Italian food here with your date, family, friends or colleagues.  Just be careful throwing your secrets on the table as you are sitting quite near your neighbors in this cozy tiny restaurant. As this restaurant does not have a website, you can only check this place by going there yourself. Enjoy!!

Bag at You Ponte Arcari Suus

This is not a sponsored post, I simply want to share this hotspot so you can grab your bag and go here as well.

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