Elegant and Stylish Spring styles ♥


Elegant and Stylish Spring styles ♥

Now that I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant, I’m full in bloom and want to show you these elegant and stylish Spring styles. Because I refuse to give in on style, even though my looks might get a little bit more effortless to wear. And what better place to pick for this shoot than these beautiful blossoming trees. My bag is more on the casual side but very elegant and stylish. Its a drawstring bag from BRÄCHA brand. The designer has a passion for travel and that is why she lovingly creates timeless travel essentials that will last a lifetime. Originally Dutch but calls Bali her home. From here she designs these exclusive, honest, high-quality leather accessories. Rather than focussing on mass production, BRÄCHA ethically produces exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces. My shirt is as well nonchalant but at the same time elegant and stylish. The pink flamingos are the perfect embroideries on a summer shirt. The same applies for these leggings and have the perfect stretching band for the pregnant ladies out there.You will see me wear this combination a lot more this summer as this outfit is the perfect look now that I’m in bloom myself as well:).


Get the look: Kirsten Bag, Chicwish Intoxicating Flamingo Embroidered Cotton Shirt, Vanilia suede leggings (here in cognac) and Keds Sneakers


Photography by Marinke Davelaar / @Marinke_photography

BAGATYOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar---Bracha-BrandBAGATYOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar---Polette-Sunglasses BAGATYOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar-Elegant-and-Stylish-Spring-styles BAGATYOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar-Keds-Sneakers BAGATYOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar-Spring---Bracha-Design BAGATYOU_Susanne_Bavinck_Bender_Blogger_Fashion_Amsterdam_By_Marinke_Davelaar-Spring-style

As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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