Brunch and Shopping hotspot 202 London

Brunch and Shopping hotspot 202 London


Grab your bag and go tot 202 London!

As London Fashion Week kicks of today, I thought it was a good idea to share my favourite hotspot in London! A few weeks ago I went to this wonderful city and when I passed by this restaurant on Saturday, I knew I had to have brunch there on Sunday. Because I saw the best pouched eggs ever being served on one of the little tables of 202 London. Not too much frills, just really good and natural flavoured food that will help you recover from a good party night on Saturday. And as you can tell from the ring in the picture above, we partied BIG as my man had just proposed the night before<3!!!! Yes, I am getting married, whoaoaoaoaoaoa!!

So on Sunday morning we definitely needed to continue the partying as well as some food that would help us getting over our hangover. So we asked for two mimosa’s and I ordered the ‘healthy cooked breakfast‘ (avocado, pouched eggs, tomato, spinach and toast) and my fiancé – hihi – ordered the ‘Eggs Royale‘.

But besides the fact that it is the ideal spot to continue celebrating your engagement, it is also the perfect spot for fashionista’s to gossip and sipping cappuccinos all afternoon long. And it even gets better, because besides great food you can also go here to shop as 202 London is a concept store as well. But – as you can imagine – I was not really in the shopping mood but more busy with my fiancé, my beautiful – beautiful – ring and mimosa’s…

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Location: 202 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH United Kingdom

This is not a sponsored post, I simply want to share this hotspot so you can grab your bag and go here as well.

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