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Mata Hari

Bag at You Mata Hari Collage 2

Bag at You Mata Hari collage

Grab your bag and go to Mata Hari (Amsterdam)!

It is hard to choose from all the great places in Amsterdam, but I think that Mata Hari is my Number 1! I already have a great fondness for venues that have a bar and a restaurant in one but I also love the location of this restaurant, “De Wallen”! Maybe you think that it is a strange thing to say as I am a local woman, but I actually enjoy being in this part of the city. I love the look on the faces of the national and international tourists who are wandering about, either with disgust and disbelief, astonishment or extreme happiness and excitement. This area is alive and chaotic!

A few weeks ago, I took my college friends to Mata Hari (after we visited Artis – read the post here), and they were very pleasantly surprised that they entered such a cozy, easy-going and well-organized restaurant.

Mata Hari – Living, bar and restaurant which is open daily as from 12:00 until 01:00. You are most welcome to read a newspaper, have some lunch or to do some work in daytime. You can also enter this place to enjoy some drinks at the bar (you can pick one from the huge drinking list as set out on the wall) and the finest “bitterballen” (meat croquettes with mustard) available in town! After you sit down to table you can start your wining & dining. Make sure you do not skip the antipasti misti and take your time to choose from the main courses as the pastas, the fish and meat are all very fine (click here for the menu)! Order cheese or something sweet for dessert or go back where you started (the bar) and ask for another cocktail:)!

Bag at You SuusMataHari

 This is not a sponsored post, I simply want to share this hotspot so you can grab your bag and go here as well.

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