Shine like the Christmas lights in a Sequin Dress!


Shine like the Christmas lights in a Sequin Dress!

Glitters, glisters and sparkles..! The more the better at Christmas time. They assure the ultimate party spirit and blend so well with all the Christmas lights. Plus, you make a shiny entrée when you enter the venue where you will celebrate Christmas. There is no other piece as vibrant and fun as a sequin dress so it might not come as a surprise that I reached for this iconic holiday dress again?  Compared to the Christmas party outfit I showed you last week, this dress is far more electrifying than the pink look. I absolutely love sequins, especially the ones that are used for this dress as they have two different colours. This year I did not had any intention to buy a new Christmas attire, but when my eye caught this sequin dress, I simply could not resist to purchase. But this fun and elegant piece was one that would be an addition to my wardrobe and one that would be most appropriate for Christmas. Just like the bag, which almost blends into the dress. I love to match my accessories to my look, especially this one: the more sparkle the better! It is a clutch full embellishments and sequins and shines just as much as the dress and the lights in the Christmas tree..!


I hope you will have a fabulous Christmas!


Get the look: Sequin dress, Sequin Bag (get similar bag here), Hair accessory and heeled boots


– Happy Holidays –

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