What to wear for the holidays?


What to wear for the holidays?

What to wear for the holidays?! A question that you ask yourself every year again. Because it is the party season and we should dress accordingly! It is the season to spend with your family and friends, for gifts, for drinking and dining. For me it starts with Thanksgiving in November and I am so excited to tell you that we will be celebrating Turkey Day in New York! We are very happy to watch the Macy’s street fair and have an amazing diner at Freeman’s. After that we will be watching football, which is a tradition in the USA. After Thanksgiving we will fly back to Amsterdam and we will celebrate Christmas with both of our families in the Netherlands. I will make sure my outfit for the holidays will be extra sparkling and colourful with this purple body suit and rainbow sequin skirt. I think it is especially very appropriate when Santa stops by as I will match all the little lights in the Christmas tree, the ornaments and candles. What are your plans for the holidays? Well wherever you may be in the world and whatever your plans are, I wish you and your family and friends will have a fabulous time! Happy holidays!


Get the look: rainbow sequin skirtrainbow sequin skirt, Aldo earrings and bag via Milan Blocks


Photos by @banavenue / Banavenue photography 

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As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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