If we could only celebrate Christmas & NYE here?!


If we could only celebrate Christmas & NYE here?!

Grab your bag and go to La Mamounia Marrakesh!


Everything about this hotel is truly fascinating and a little bit of magic can be found in almost every corner. Even though the legendary and luxury hotel is almost 100 years old and inspired by the ancient Moorish culture, the hotel offers modern comfort, luxury and style in every aspect. It is known as a glamorous place and many celebrities and bloggers are spotted on this place. When we visited La Mamounia, we were captivated by the beauty of the fabulous pool, the first-class Spa and the park with all its fruit trees, flowers and palms. We therefore don’t think it is a surprise that La Mamounia was voted World’s Best Hotel by Conde Nast Traveller Readers Awards. It is magnificent trough the entire year. So if you are still looking for a place to celebrate Christmas and/or New Years I know for sure that La Mamounia can offer you a enchanted festive season like you never had before.

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