Mini, midi, maxi bags

Bag at You Fashion Blog Mini midi maxi bags O My Bag Fly Violet

Mini, midi, maxi bags

Mini, midi, maxi – You probably think that I am talking about those delicious croissants that your boyfriend is making you on Sunday morning? Or maybe you relate the trio “mini, midi, maxi” to skirts and you expect that this post will be all about those pieces of clothing? Which I totally understand as springtime has arrived and this item is just perfect to wear during this time of year! As explained in Are You Swedish Bags the same skirt can be dressed down or up by turning it into a classy, elegant or sexy look (yes – the best sustainable way of dressing). But skirts are also perfect for days like last Tuesday: Bag at You Fashion Blog Mini midi maxi bags O My Bag Fly VioletI unexpectedly ended up working on the terrace of Westergasterras where the temperature invited me to take of my tights and shoes. Yes, I wrote this post while having bare legs and being in a summer mood. But, Bag at You would not be this blog if I published this article only to talk about my wonderful experiences with skirts. So let’s start talking about bags!

Have you noticed that many fashion designers are taking it further with their bag collection? Once they have a signature bag, they are creating a mini, midi and maxi version of it – just like Mr. Heijn did with his croissants. Of course you will recognize the classic Chanel flap bag & the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Satchel. But also Michael Kors’ popular Hamilton bag comes in three sizes & O My Bag just launched a mini version of her most wanted bag: Fly Violet Nano! I would love it if you would check out the bags below and tell me why you would opt for either a maxi, midi or mini bag?!

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Chanel Flap Bag Small Classic Large

Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag // Chanel Classic Flap Bag // Chanel Large Classic Flab Bag

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - O My Bag Fly Violet Eco-Black Croco Nano Midi Maxi

O My Bag Fly Violet Nano Eco-Black Croco // O My Bag Fly Violet Midi Eco-Black Croco // O My Bag Fly Violet Maxi Eco-Black Croco

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Phillip Lim Pashli

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Midi Satchel // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Backpack

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Fjallraven Kanken Mini Medium Maxi

Fjällraven Kånken Mini // Fjälraven Kånken // Fjällraven Kånken Maxi

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Michael Kors Hamilton

Michel Kors Hamilton Mini // Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel // Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Cowboysbag The Bag Small BigCowboysbag The Bag Small // Cowboysbag The Bag // Cowboysbag The Bag Big

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