What is your definition of H O M E?


What is your definition of H O M E?


H O M E. A little word with big meanings. What does it mean to you? Where, what and who is your home? To me, home is where the people are that I love, a place where I feel safe and happy and somewhere I have warm memories. Home is the place where I can laugh and cry and where I invite my friends and family to do the same. It is a place where flowers are blooming, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Obviously, your home situation can change, deliberately or because you are forced. As my husband and I moved to San Francisco one week ago, it has never been so obvious that a home is highly dependent on your personal and financial situation. As we are discovering this City at the Bay, we see so many homeless people on the streets, alone and cold versus extremely wealthy people in large condo’s. After leaving Amsterdam, we are trying to build a new home here in Frisco, which will obviously take some time. And even though it can be quite scary and lonely at start, I will never be homeless. I feel very grateful because my parents will always let me come home to the house where I grew up. I am therefore very excited to show you the pictures that were shot in the garden of my parents’ house where – indeed – the flowers always blossom so gorgeously!

I wear this perfect black outfit that is perfect for Spring while I carry this beautiful camel Anokhi Bag. Anokhi means unique and is a fashion label from Munich. This brand is known for their bags with a vintage look, like this Mallroy model. The bag is a perfectly decent saddle bag for every day and the braided shoulder strap together with the big leather tassel give this bag an exceptional look. The flap has been decorated with additional braids and a little elephant charm. Did you know that the elephant is a symbol for loyalty, patience, happiness and good memories – just like your H O M E should be according to my definition.

Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Spring---Street-style---BlackBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Anokhi-Bag---Van-den-AssemBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Anokhi-Bag---Leather---SpringBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Anokhi-Bag---black-leather-jacketBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Spring-ootd---Street-style---Black Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Anokhi-Bag---Leather---Camel Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Anokhi-Bag---SpringBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Spring---Street-style---All-Black

Get the look: Anokhi Camel Bag, leather jacket, long black shirt, open heeled boots and black skinny jeans.

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