30 things I love to… DO!


30 things I love to… DO!

So yay..!! I turned 30 last month and I’m still in a very festive mood! As you can see from my smile, I’m very happy at this moment of my life! And as you might know from my birthday dress-article, this month I will share several articles with the theme of 30 things I love to…  So today I share with you 30 things I love to DO… Therefore, this article is filled with happy things, activities and moments, mostly to inspire you to live a happier life and appreciate your little moments of luck. I hope it will make you realise the little things that give you more joy. For example, this polka dot wall made me very cheerful as well as my dress, bag and Polette sunglasses that I wear today. I really hope you enjoy this article and I would love to hear what things make you happy! 


30 things I love to do…

1. Road-tripping with my husband
 2. Going to the beach for a walk, sunbathing or dinner
3. Snow fall, I truly love the beauty of the streets, houses and trees covered in white snow
4. Going through my photo albums before I go to bed
5. Spontaneous weekend trips
6. Having breakfast with my husband at the pool
7. Dancing with my friends like we used to do on the festivals
8. Shopping with my mom and grandmother
9. Going for icecream and try all the flavors before you make up your mind
10. Watching Game of Thrones, preferably with Ben & Jerry half baked and 2 spoons
11. Organising my bag collection
12. FaceTime with my friends, especially now that I live on the other side of the world
13. Hiking as if you are alone in the world, like we did in the Grand Canyon
14. Watching the sunset; it doesn’t matter where really as I think there is nothing more beautiful than a pink sky
15. Biking to work as I would hate it if I had to drive a car every morning
16. Going for breakfast with acai bowls and friends 

17. Being surprised for a party, trip or even with flowers
18. Trying on extravagant (and way to expensive) dresses
19. Wake-boarding on beautiful lakes
20. Taking pictures when we travel
21. Skiing and snowboarding
22. Running & 7 minutes workout
23. Waking up in my husband’s arms
24. Playing monopoly
25. Wine tasting
26. Going out for dinner, preferably a new place
27. Having oysters at Hog Island in California
28. Baking cookies, not that I’m very good at it though
29. Floating in the pool in my mega pineapple
30. Blogging! I truly love this online magazine and has been my biggest passion ever since my first post here on Bag at you!


Get the look: Green Short Sleeve Rockabilly Peasant Floral Bow Camo Slim Dress, Furla Metropolis Shoulder Bag, Keds sneakers, Daniel Wellington Watch, Polette sunglasses and Earrings by Colores Collective


– Photos by Banavenue


As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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