30 travel destinations I love to visit!


30 travel destinations I love to visit!

Another post in the series of 30 things I love.. to celebrate my 30th birthday last month. And today I open up to you about another passion of mine while I wear these super cute and comfy women high waist shorts. As you probably know, I love to travel. And that is why I’m revealing my bucket list this week with all the places I want to visit in the next 10 years. I know, 30 places are quite an ambitious number. However, I divided them between my top 10 travel destinations for (i) tours, (ii) short trips and (iii) places to go back to at least one more time. I therefore think it is quite doable in the next decade of my life! So take a cup tea and scroll down and check out the best travel destinations according to me:)!


My top-10 travel destinations for tours
1. Japan
2. Banff, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier Point
3. Sicily
4. Greece
5. Indonesia
6. Australia
7. East Coast of the USA
8. Namibia
9. Cuba
10. Colombia


My Top-10 travel destinations for short-trips
11. Porto
12. Kauai
13. Seychelles
14. Prague
15. Stockholm
16. Saint Barth
17. Mykonos
18. Charleston
19. Vermont
20. Aruba


My top-10 travel destinations to go back once more
21. Marbella 
22. New York
23. San Francisco
24. Verbier
25. Thailand
26. Amalfi Coast
27. Argentina
28. Rome
29. Marrakech
30. Lake Tahoe


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As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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