Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!


Hurray!! Happy birthday to Bag at you! As I like birthdays and love surprises, I thought it was a good idea to combine these two on this special day. 10 July 2014 this blog was launched and since then many bags and lot’s of posts have came by. But nothing like this. If you haven’t seen me on Snapchat, you must be completely surprised by this look. Because normally I only carry one bag, small necklaces, no black and just some mascara and lipstick. But hey, it’s my party and I can look how I want to;)!


No seriously, there is a specific reason why the talented make-up artist Claudia Guzman painted my lips and eyebrows blue. It is done to celebrate and as a symbol for me stepping completely out of my comfort zone one year ago. As I was living a dream for the outside world, I knew that I had to change my path. Not only in terms of my career, but also my way of living. Get outside your comfort zoneStep by step I am getting closer to what I actually want to do and the person I want to be. And that is not me being a stylish kind of drag queen, but the bag expert of the fashion world. That is obviously a big dream, a massive mission and a huge step out of that comfortable sphere that I had created. So to avoid myself from freaking out, I like to describe my ambition as endless enthusiasm with a purpose. Your attitude determines your direction, doesn’t it? So here we go, today, another step closer to my objectives. What are your goals, your ultimate dreams, and how are you trying to get on top? Do you have a quote or a little story that could inspire my readers (or myself)? If so, please share your boost in a comment below?


So now, let’s talk a bit about the look and the striking accessories I am wearing. Because I bet that you are dying to know where I found these candy bags. Or maybe you recognise them as you have already seen several bags of this brand on this blog. Yes, my Karl Lagerfeld obsession is showing itself off again. I can’t help myself entering this amazing flagship store in Amsterdam. I love the pink, yellow and the blue ones, but they are quite summery and conspicuous. Luckily Karl Lagerfeld returns this autumn with these quilted bags that will continue to be on trend this winter (check out chocolate brown or cognac!). The other blue and yellow accessory is a necklace by Mellola, a new jewellery brand based in Amsterdam. I find this necklace unique, feminine and sexy & it will soon be available at De Bijenkorf. I hope you like this birthday party on this blog! At least I do & I am very happy that you are here to celebrate this event!


– Pictures by Michiel Goudswaard – 

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