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IMG_1263It is as if you are entering a candy store when you walk into the shop of Smaak Amsterdam on the Berenstraat in Amsterdam. Beautifully colored leather bags are well-ordered set out on the long wall. Niels, the district manager of Smaak Amsterdam, welcomed me and happily told me the success story of this brand that was founded three years ago by André Grundmann. It all started with the Rose, the first bag of Smaak Amsterdam which entails all the characteristics of this brand: trendy, colorful, timeless, leather, fine hardware (rough zippers, studs) and fashionable. These bags are designed in Amsterdam Noord and produced in China.

When I asked Niels to describe the typical customer of Smaak Amsterdam, he starts to smile. He tells me that each of the following customers can walk into the store in one day:

  • a sixteen year old girl who is overly excited to buy her first leather bag with the money she collected on her birthday;
  • a young lady who starts her very first job and looks for the perfect bag to accompany her on her entry in the business world;
  • the proud mother of a bride-to-be who looks for a clutch to complete the outfit she will be wearing on her daughter’s big day; or
  • an older lady who knows exactly what she wants so walks in and walks out with her new bag five minutes after.

This is the living proof that Smaak Amsterdam has something for everyone. Some bags are very surprising and to wear in different ways, such as the Nicky (back pack and handbag). Next to traditional handbags or tough shoppers, Smaak Amsterdam also has unisex bags in its collection, such as the Marlon (which is also wearable in two different ways) or the perfect working bag named HenryIMG_1261The most expensive model is Beau, which costs EUR 279. Here you can buy your luxurious design bag which is still quite affordable. All bags have a classic but modern look and each of them has matching colored wallets. But also sunglasses can be found and purchased in these stores.

Smaak Amsterdam, a little paradise for everyone who loves (top-quality) bags.

My favorite is the Mats! What is your’s?

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