Mochila Bags by La Bendición

Mochila Bags by La Bendición

Bag at You - Fashion blog - La Bendicion Shoulder bag - Wayuu Colombia - Pure beautyBag at You - Fashion blog - La Bendicion in Marbella - Little Black dress with Mochila Bag - Wayuu Colombia

Pure beauty is hard to find these days in the Western world, especially things that weren’t created at the expense of someone else. We want it all, by preference as soon as possible and at a low cost. As I was walking through these gardens of Puento Romano in Marbella, on my way to the amazing Restaurant Serafina, I was taking a closer look at these flowers, that have been appealing to me as since I was a little girl. Aren’t it the little things in life that makes you happy, like the little crystal stones on this bag. This mochila bag by La Bendición is 100% made by hand and the fine result of one woman’s craftsmanship in Colombia. She is part from the Indian Wayuu Tribe and does not use any machine or work from any predetermined design. For approximately 10 days, she lets her own imagination do the work and is inspired by nature and animals – by pure beauty. The weaving of mochilas is a secular tradition by which the women can express their way of living, environment and the believes of the Wayuu tribe. You might understand that therefore each piece is unique and a work of art.

Bag at You - La Bendicion - Mochila Bag - Wayuu Colombia - Little black dressBag at You - Fashion blog - Wayuu Colombia - Mochila Bag La Bendicion - Pure beauty

La Bendición

La Bendición wants to introduce you with these mochila bags in order to really contribute to this community. These traditional creations are a reflection of Colombian art, wisdom, fantasies and creativity. You might have seen other Wayuu bags before at another shop, so I looked very closely and figured that the bags by La Bendición differ from other Wayuu bags in the following ways:

La Bendición offers six different styles of Wayuu bags: BrisaAvrilPiichiPulowiYonna (backpacks) and Uribia;
– After the bag is finished by hand, they are embellished with these little crystal stones, all applied one by one;
– Most of the bags are refined with the best leather available;
– Except for the Uribia collection, all bags are finished with a cotton lining that also provides for two open pockets and one small zipper compartment;
– The Brisa and the Pulowi bags are decorated with trendy leather fringes; and
– The Brisa and the Piichi bags are finished with a zipper so your belongings will be kept safe.

Saying “La Bendicion” is a traditional way for the Colombian people to ask blessing from their family. I personally didn’t know about this habit but I do think that it is time to take the time to consider how  blessed we can be for all that we have. And maybe, if we would do so, we will find that little piece of pure beauty that might enable us to create delicate things in life,  just like the woman who created my mochila bag.

Bag at You - Fashion blog - La Bendicion in Marbella - Little Black dress with Mochila Bag - Colombia WayuuBag at You - Fashion blog - La Bendicion Shoulder bag - Wayuu Colombia - Dancing in Puento RomanoBag at You - Fashion blog - La Bendicion Shoulder bag - Wayuu Colombia - Walking in Puento RomanoBag-at-You---Fashion-blog---La-Bendicion-Bag---Wayuu-Colombia---Wearing-Little-Black-Dress---Malaga

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