Big 30 Party!


Big 30 Party!

Every year you ask yourself, what to do on my birthday?! Shall I host a party or not?! And when you are turning 30, there is no doubt about it: YESSS, YOU DO!! And you do so in the biggest possible way! So when my sweet friend, Britt from The Hello Honey Blog, and I found out that we both turned 30 in July, we came up with the idea to organise a big dirty-30 party for all of our blogger friends! Because truthfully, 30 is a big milestone that is definitely worth celebrating! And even though we haven’t been friends for a very long time, the friendship is real! She was my first friend here in Houston and I couldn’t have wished for a sweeter, more welcoming and enthusiastic girl! She has the best vibes, is the best mother to a sweet little boy and soon another baby(!!) and is the cutest and most fashionable lady in Houston! So I was very excited to organise this party with her. And as it was such a successful party, I’d love to share our birthday party ideas!


Birthday Party Ideas!

So obviously it takes a little bit of organisation to host a good party. I’m not an expert, I’m not an event planner. But I do like to help you prepare your next party in a better and more efficient way. I therefor share my birthday party ideas below:

  • Guest list! I think this is the hardest for everyone… Who to invite and who not. But our invite list was easy! We just invited the cutest blogger gals from Houston. Like every party, a few babes couldn’t make it, but we had a lot of fun! I think you should definitely visit them on Instagram! We go from left to right on the picture above:, @Whinetowine, @brittfullwood, @bagatyou, @culturedfash, @stylethegirl, @dressupbuttercup and @itsallchictome.
  • Invitations! Your invitation gives an idea about the party so make sure you make it in theme with your party. Also put the address including parking instructions, date and time as clear as you can. Be enthusiastic so that your guests know that this will be the party of the year!
  • Cake and bites! You always need cake (maybe two!!). I believe that you are never too old for that and calories don’t count on your birthday, so no excuses! As we turned 30 we needed the best cakes! We had a delicious mango creme brûlée cake by 85C bakery and a fabulous Unicorn cake (yes, we refuse to grow up). But as it was a evening party, we also wanted to have some savoury pastries. We got these as well from 85C bakery. This place is famous for being the Starbucks of Taiwan and just opened its doors in Houston, which is the 1000th store of this chain (congratulations!). And oh wow, their pastries are G-O-O-D-!
  • Drinks! Always think about what your guests will be drinking. Are they beer lovers, gin & tonic fans or wine-addicts?! Well, our friends definitely belong to the last group and so we ordered some delicious bottles via Winc. Winc is a really cool online wine company that delivers the most delicious wines to your door. From Rosé to Cabernet to Torrontés, they have over 100 styles of wine to discover.
  • Decoration! Flowers, balloons, napkins and candles. I think you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on decoration (save that for wine and cake, haha). But with a few bright coloured flowers and balloons, the venue will look very festive.
  • Photographer! You absolutely can never forget your fabulous party. That is why a photographer is a must. Here in Houston there is no one better than Yash from banavenue and I so happy that he was here to capture these fun and beautiful moments!


Photos by banavenue // banavenuephotog 

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As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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