Travel Guide: Yosemite National Park!


Travel Guide: Yosemite National Park!


Grab your bag and go to Yosemite National Park! It is an icon of America’s majestic natural beauty and offers everything you could ever want if you are looking for adventure! The magnificent cliffs, the views, the waterfalls and the big sequoia trees are breathtaking and truly worth a visit. So to help you getting the most of your trip to this National Park in California, this travel guide gives my recommendations on what to do, what to wear and where to sleep in Yosemite.


What to do in Yosemite

Go for a hike in the morning, a swim in the Merced river in the afternoon, enjoy a bbq in the evening and watch the stars at night! I recommend you to get up early as it tends to get pretty hot during day time in summer. We did a hike from The Valley to Glacier Point, called the 4 mile trial. The hike to the Sentinel Dome is easier though and also very beautiful. We heart that the hikes to the waterfalls should be pretty cool as well but you should do that in Spring when most of the snowmelt occurs. You can also clime the iconic Half Dome, but make sure you arrange this far in advance as you need a permit. The Sequoia National Forest borders Yosemite to the south, which is a pretty unique sight as these trees are as tall as a 26-story building and are between 1,800 and 2,700 years old. You can also go biking or drive around to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite.


What to wear in Yosemite National Park

Make sure you wear something practical that can get dirty as you want to be active in Yosemite. I would also strongly advice you to wear something that protects you against the sun such as a cap, sunglasses as well as t-shirt. I wore my denim shorts and flamingo shirt (see more here) and my sport shorts when I went hiking. At night you want to wear something that keeps you warm so bring a sweater and a pair of trousers as well.


Where to sleep in Yosemite

I would sincerely recommend you to go camping for the most adventurous experience. There is a lot of wild life so you should carefully store your food, but other then that, it is easy and the ultimate experience in nature. It was our first time camping and we loved it. Setting up a tent appeared to be pretty easy and having a bbq and s’mores as desert is the best. Make sure you book your camping spot  5 months in advance as Yosemite is very popular. We stayed at Hodgdon Meadows which is a camping ground right after you enter the park. However, I would advise you to stay on a camping ground in The Valley which is more crowded but also closer to all the activities. If you want to stay in a hotel I would recommend you to stay in either Yosemite Valley Lodge or the iconic Majestic Yosemite Hotel, both in Yosemite Valley.



– Hope you enjoyed this article! Big Xx, Susanne –

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  • Such beautiful photos. I haven’t been yet, but definitely must! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure, Suzanne!! So funny, I love hiking for hours and being with nature, but I’m actually deathly afraid of being stuck with bugs in a space, so camping is usually out of the question. I just need to keep moving for hours lol


    • Hahaha Miki, I totally understand what you mean! I was also terrified for snakes and bears while we were camping, but happily no animal came close… Hahaha! You can also stay in a hotel or lodge or an AirBnb if you prefer that. But I really recommend you go to Yosemite to hike and enjoy the extraordinary views!! Xx Susanne

  • Such a gorgeous place, would love to visit! These photos are so lovely too, makes me wanna go today hahah! Xx

    • So happy to hear that this article inspires you to visit this park one day!! I can truly recommend it; it is a magical place!! Xx Susanne

  • Violette

    Wow amazing photos! It’s so beautiful there!

    • Thank you babe!! Have you ever been to Yosemite?! Xx Susanne

  • arollorkins

    Yosemite is so on my bucket list! Thanks for the tips, they’ll be useful when I finally get to visit it one day!

    Xx, Lora |

    • Yes Lora, I really wish you can visit Yosemite one day!! And I hope these tips will enable you to make the best of it!!! Thank you for your visit & sweet comment! Xx Susanne

  • Prachtig!

  • Gorgeous place! Loved your photos and also that flamingo tee. Gemma x

    • Thank you very much Gemma:)! I also love that tee;)!! Xx Susanne

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Yosemite. It’s so picturesque. Thanks for sharing some amazing photos!


    • Thanks Shannon!! I really hope you can visit Yosemite one day as well! It is breathtaking<3!! Xx Susanne

  • Mary

    Your photos are so perfect at capturing the unique details of Yosemite. Love your mountain and blue sky photos! Thanks for the recommendations too!

    Love, Mary

  • Great guide to Yosemite and beautiful photos! I was really lucky last time I was there as I saw a family of bears and the babies were so cute!
    Julia x

    • Really!! Baby bears: that must be so so cute!! I’m happy for you that you were so lucky!! I hope I will see them as well the next time we go:)!! Xx Susanne

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    Amazing photos!! Such a beautiful place!
    Adi xx

    • I know right, Yosemite is truly a beautiful place!! Love it here! Thanks for visiting this blog! Xx Susanne

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