Case App skin & case


Case App skin & case


For all the people who wonder how my desk looks like whenever I work on my blog, take a look at these pictures. Obviously I love running my blog but it even gives me more fulfilment whenever I work in style. And to me that means to have a clean, personal and inspiring desk. I was therefore very pleased when I got to design a skin for my Macbook and a case for my iPhone by Case App, an online platform where you can create your own protectors for your most important devices.


When I started to design my own skin, I decided to go for something that would be timeless, not mark a specific season and neutral colours. Case app offers some pretty cool pre-designed skins and cases, but I wanted to create one by using a picture that means a lot to me. So I collected five pictures that would meet these requirements (see the YouTube video). Eventually I decided to go for this beautiful sky. The moment I shot this picture I was filled with joy and feeling extremely proud of my brother and sister that just made it to the finish line of the Iron Man. Moreover it has a personal message as the rays from the sun are breaking though the dark clouds: no matter how dark the sky will be, the sun will eventually make it through. So I only have to close my laptop or pick up my phone to remember never to stay too long in negativity and make sure to be prepared for that moment whenever the rays will make it through again.


Giveaway Case App Skin and Case

So to help you creating the perfect work place as well, I will giveaway a Case App skin and case. So how do you win this giveaway?

1) Leave a comment in the below and your email address so I can contact you in case you win;
2) Comment on the Facebook post; and
2) Follow Bag at You on Bloglovin Instagram.

That’s all! I will announce the winner on 16 September so stay tuned!

So sweeties! As promised I would pick a winner tonight! First of all, thank you so much for joining this giveaway:)! Unfortunately there was only one woman who could win this giveaway… And that is: Eva Kaan!! Congratulations and I really hope that you will design the most beautiful case and skin by Case App!

Discount Code Case App

For those who didn’t won, make sure you use the 20% discount code when you check out at Case AppBAGATCASE – valid until 20 September 2015.


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  • Ahhh I just ordered a new case – similar to this one! I love the design of it and wish everybody all the luck for this give away! BTW – your skirt looks amazing, love the colours. Keep up the good work!

    XO from Malta,

    • Thanks Bibiche!! That is really sweet of you! I’m very curious to see your skin; will you post it on your blog! Xx Susanne

  • I’m in! I’m already following you everywhere…. 😉 Hope I’ll win! XXX

    • I know Eva! Thanks for the support! Xx Susanne

  • Annelotte

    I need this!!! Zometeen ga ik mijn nieuwe Iphone 6 ophalen (can’t wait!!) maar ik kan hem natuurlijk niet gaan gebruiken zonder bescherming want dan roep ik misschien het ongeluk op mij af…. En ik vermoed dat mijn macbook er ook heel wat beter uit ziet met een nieuwe hoes ipv degene die er nu omheen zit 🙂
    Je bent een held!

    • Wat leuk dat je mee doet Lot! Jij hebt vast ook te mooie foto’s om te gebruiken voor je eventuele nieuwe skin! En zo wordt het werken toch nog net iets leuker? Ben ook heel benieuwd naar je nieuwe iPhone case! Xx Susanne

  • Ahh ik vind Case App erg fijn! Heb er laatst ook een telefoonhoesje besteld, fijne kwaliteit! 🙂 Jouw designs zijn erg tof 😀

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

    • Ahh dank je wel Saskia! Ik ben er ook heel blij mee! Veel liefs, Susanne

  • JLu

    Looks super cool!

    • Thank you so much JLU! Thanks for visiting this blog! Xx Susanne

  • Fancy cases! Mijn bureau kan ook wel een spice-up gebruiken 🙂

    • Hahaha, ja daar ben ik het stiekem wel mee eens;)! Super leuk dat je mee doet Teddy! Xx Susanne

  • Hello girlie! Just in time, zag ik dit voorbij komen. Ik doe graag mee! Wat leuk ook dat ze jou hiervoor benadert hebben!!!! 🙂
    Zie je volgende week sowieso! 🙂
    x Frederique

    • Wat super leuk dat je mee doet Frederique! Ik maak het vanavond bekend wie de lucky girl is, spannend:)! Xx Susanne

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