My beach essentials for Paradise!


My beach essentials for Paradise!

It seems like everyone is longing for the beach these days. Which isn’t strange, as Spring officially arrived last week. It makes us long for the sun, the long summer nights and the warm weather. Some of us, like me, escaped to a secluded tropical island to meet summer a little bit earlier this year. As you might know, we went to Maui three weeks ago, and it was true paradise. We obviously had an absolute amazing time, also because we were well prepared. And to help you prepare for your hot, tropical and summer days, this article shares my favourite beach essentials!


1. MY PUTCHI hat!

Besides the fact that this hat is absolutely stunning, it is the best protection from the sun in the most elegant way. It is a very light hat, easy to combine and very flexible which makes it perfect for my travel adventures around the world. MY PUTCHI is a sustainable lifestyle brand that offers the most fashionable and unique accessories that are made by hand following a historical tradition. This hat brings your a beautiful mix of art, design, culture and giving back as MY PUTCHI works directly with the community artisans. Moreover, 20% of the sales are destined to supply the Orinoquiart foundation with medicines, for and school supplies. This all to help the children in need in these communities of the native country of the designer. Shop your beautiful travel essential now at


2. Missco Girl Clutch

The one thing you can’t go without on the beach, is a clutch to keep all your essentials safe and organised. This clutch by Missco Girl, is perfect for any visit to paradise as you can tell from the graphics. This Canadian label has a reputation for creating fun-loving eclectic pieces that reveal style, big dreams and all things unordinary, like your tropical adventures in paradise.


3. Bare Republic Sunscreen and hair protector

You simply can’t enjoy the sun without sunscreen. It is proven that UVA and UVB are harmful for your skin and hair (learn more about sun science here). So when you go to a tropical island like Maui, you want to have a sunscreen that is harmless to nature (so no chemicals), water resistant and easy to use. That is why I am so happy with the products by Bare Republic, the sunscreen and hair protector that has been created in accordance with all the latest facts in sunscreen technology. It is free of chemicals, water resistant, synthetic fragrances and parabens! Now you can swim all day, get a beautiful tan and enjoy the underwater world, without destroying the coral or harming the sea life.


4. Boamar Swimwear

Oke, now this is a no-brainer ladies. You need the perfect bikini to make the best out of your time in paradise! And as you know from this article, Collecting Summers with BOAMAR, there is one brand that stole my heart this year. BOAMAR creates unique, fun, flirty and comfortable pieces to enable you to enjoy your beach days at best. Trust me, summers are best collected with BOAMAR!


5. Go Pro

Before we left for Maui, I gave myself a little present, a Go Pro. And I can tell you, it is my favourite accessory! Because what happens on the beach is just as fun as what happens in the water: taking selfies with snorkels, photographing turtles and filming the coral. Be ready for the vlog of Maui soon, that will show you even more of the beautiful island and underwater world of Maui..!

Bag-at-you---Travel-blog---Beach-essentials---Go-ProThanks for stopping by and I hope you liked this article!

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  • Christine

    Wow, thanks for sharing these. The only thing I have on your essentials list is a Go Pro but I definitely need to look into the other brands you shared. I love the suits you wore and that patch clutch is adorable. I also need great sun protection for skin and hair and will look into Bare Republic. Thank you! xoxo, Christine

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! I know for sure that you will look smashing in this swimwear and I really loved the sunscreen! Thanks for stopping by! Xx Susanne

  • I love your essentials! And absolute yes to the Go Pro! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    A big yes for that go-pro! It looks like you had a great time in paradise 🙂
    xx, Carmen –

    • Thank you Carmen!! The Go-Pro is the best, haha! Big Xx

  • I loved your post on the gorgeous swimwear pieces and it’s lovely to see the pretty prints featured in this post – summer is on its way, so exciting! Also, great tip on the Go Pro; it must make being in the water all the more fun 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thank you so much for your compliments Gabrielle! And yes, get that Go Pro:)! Big Xx Susanne

  • All great essentials! Have a great weekend.

    Gemma x

    • Thank you so much sweetie! Xx Susanne

  • I’ve never been to the beach so I have no idea the things I will need when it’s time to go so a list like yours will be very helpful.

    The Glossychic

  • Perfect list of essentials! Looks amazing.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • What a great list of essentials, girlie! I’ve heard such great things about Go Pro, I wish we would’ve brought it instead of some cheap waterproof camera we got on our last trip; we lost all our photos when it broke apparently from water damage, but it was a “waterproof” camera, lol! Anyway, I also love both that hat and your swimsuits, too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



    • Thank you so much Jalisa!! That is very sweet of you! I’m so sorry to hear that your camera broke… I hope you can go again to some place with an amazing under water world so you can take your pictures again with a Go Pro! Big Xx Susanne

  • That New Dress

    Totally agree with your essentials! I love your straw hat, it’s so gorgeous! xx

    • Ahhh YAY!! Thanks for stopping by babe! Xx Susanne

  • Love all these picks for a beach day girl!! A Go Pro is definitely a’s so fun!! Hope you had a great time in Hawaii..the photos look amazing <3

    XO, Jessi

    • Thank you so much sweetie! I love my Go Pro as well! We indeed had an amazing time in Hawaii! Hope you can go there soon as well! Xx Susanne

  • I’m loving that straw hat and I really need to get a go pro!

    District of Chic

    • Thank you so much sweetie! And yes, get a Go Pro!! Big Xx Susanne

  • Amy

    Now I need a trip to the beach!! That hat is toooo cute!

    xx, Amy

    • Thank you so much Amy! And hope you can go to the beach soon! Big Xx

  • Violette

    These are the perfect essentials and makes me want to go to the beach!

    • Thank you so much Violette! Thanks is sweet!! Xx Susanne

  • Zorica
  • Carina Vardie

    The putchi hat is adorable! Need a vacation at the beach!


    • Yes I hope you can go on a holiday very soon! I love beach vacations!! Xx Susanne

  • I’m not really going on a beach holiday this year (although I will be trying to persuade my boyfriend we need one later this year!) but these are still fab ideas for things to take 🙂 I really like your clutch bag with the cute graphics and it’s a great idea for keeping everything together. x

    • Thanks Hannah!! Do you have other vacation plans? I hope you can persuade your boyfriend:)! Thanks for stopping by! Xx Susanne

  • You’ve really captured the most important beach essentials. I could never go for a beach day without a cap or hat, preferably a straw one cause it just makes it feel more tropical haha. And gopros are always such fun to go diving with!

    x Annabelle

    • Thanks Annabelle! Indeed, straw hats give an extra tropical vibe (LOVE THAT!)!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you had the best weekend! Xx Susanne

  • I love love love the beach, so I love beach essentials posts to find some more items! Your hat is gorgeous and now I want one 😛

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! Yes, I can sincerely recommend you getting one of those amazing hats by MY PUTCHI!! Big Xx Susanne

  • Zorica
  • Your photos really reflect your happiness and excitement while you were there, ? I love the hat by the way?

    • Thank you so much Shenna!! That is very sweet! Xx Susanne

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