Things to do in Den Bosch


Things to do in Den Bosch

Two weeks ago I visited Den Bosch, a little town with a relaxed vibe in the south of the Netherlands. Den Bosch has all the ingredients to make the best of your day out: a lot of restaurants, a large variation in shops and many kind people. So the next time you are thinking about going on a trip with one of your friends, do consider Den Bosch! And make sure you save this post because I will show you the 9 best things to do in Den Bosch.

Jan de Groot Banketbakkerij

Den Bosch is known for ‘Bossche Bollen‘ and the most famous bakery is Jan de Groot. This place is situated next to the train station so it was our first go to! I had never seen such a big line of people in front of a little pastry shop, so my expectations were high. And I can tell you now, these Bossche Bollen are definitely worth the wait (and the kilo’s;))!


Winkel van Daan

When you walk in the Winkel van Daan with its broad selection of must-have items, you are warmly welcomed by Daan herself. She selected the best collection of accessoires, books, homeware, gifts and special gadgets. It was already decorated with Christmas ornaments, which made this concept store even more surprising.


Another must do is TUM TUM, a place that you have to visit, even if you don’t like candy. I had never been in such a cute, authentic and lovely candy store in my life and it instantly turned us into greedy five year olds. You name, they have it! So grab the little shovel and start filling up the bowl with your favourite candy.



This warehouse can be seen as the Harrods of Den Bosch. At Clous you will find everything you want regarding fashion. It is a grandeur for 60 years already and offer a large variety of brands and styles without compromising in quality.


The food is amazing, the waiters are kind, it is packed with people and there is an extreme relaxed vibe. For all these reasons I can highly recommend going to Dit! We had lunch at this place and were in doubt whether we should return for drinks and bites or dinner… Yes, Dit was that good!!



Once you are in you want to buy everything in this store, so it can be dangerous to enter. However, I do recommend it as it is the perfect blend of fashion for him and her, accessories, vintage furniture, art and gimmicks. Take you time though as you don’t want to miss out on any of the items in their collection in the 800 m2.

Piccolino: Lia Staring

If you like shoes, bags, shawls, shoe belts and other accessories, don’t forget to enter the store of Lia Staring! Here you can find a broad collection of UGG, Lola Cruz, Karma of Charme, Love Moschino and Dsquared2; just the fashion labels we like;)!


Cafe Reinders

The easygoing vibe in this bar make this the perfect bar to have a drink before you go to dinner. Order some finger food and you will have the best time in Cafe Reinders.

Nom Nom

You are very welcome at this little restaurant for a drink, something to snack, lunch or dinner! As several people had recommended this restaurant, we decided to go for the most extensive option and to conclude our wonderful day at Nom Nom. You could choose some of the little bites from the tapas menu, but my friend was determined to try the 5-course surprise menu. It all was heavenly, pure and refined. My favourite was the dessert, which was just as good as it looks on the picture below!


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