Big News: The Bag Expert!


Big News: The Bag Expert!

What do you think of this outfit? And how would you feel if I would tell you that you can borrow it? For one day, one month or for a year. Yip, it is possible to lend this denim look including bag, just the way I did at LENA The Fashion Library. And that made me think about the endless possibilities that exist in this world that we are living in. Every day again, with every move and with every blink, new opportunities are created. We may not always see through, but it does happen all the time. The only question is, how I do we take advantage of the unique moment and how do we know when we have to make the move? Every journey starts with a single step, right?


I guess you never really know when it is the right moment, only afterwards. And that is kind of scary, isn’t. This also applies for my latest move, setting up my new company. As bag-aholic I started The Bag Expert (click here to visit the website), a business that offers customized advice, marketing and communication services to brands and webshops focussed on bags. Does sound like my cup of tea, right? But still it took some time before I made the actual move, because of fear… But I guess that is not the way I choose to live my life. Instead I hold on to this quote, and I really hope that you will be inspired by it as well.

Never let fear determine who you are and never let where you’ve been determine where you are going…




Get the look: Kuyichi jeans and shirt, O My Bag Ally Maxi, black boots (similar here) and black vest (similar here).


– Pictures by FAB le Frique

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