Where to grow old?


Where to grow old?

Happy Valentine babes! Because today it is 14 February, and it may sound cheesy, but it is the day of love. Normally we don’t celebrate Valentine, but tonight my hubby took my out to my favorite Italian who serves the best truffle pasta in the world. So I’m one lucky gal! As it is true sweater weather here in Amsterdam, I was wearing this romantic knit that I also wore last week in the snow. As you might have seen on my Instagram Stories, my family celebrated my parents’ 35 wedding anniversary last week in Switzerland. We gathered in Verbier, a ski village that is part of 4 Vallees. When I was in high school, we used to come here twice a year. That is why it was very nostalgic to be back! And I still LOVE it here, like my Chicwish sweater reveals. It made me think of moving to a place like this when I grow old! Because the truth is, the place where you were born, doesn’t have to be place where you grow old. I absolutely loved living in the United States but Switzerland is also a country that is so incredibly beautiful. I love the pure nature, the mountains, the fresh air, the views and the enchanting snow. And in summer it is stunning as well, especially when you breath in the fresh air. No more heels, just these type of mountain shoes. These Donna Carolina boots are a true compliment catcher and they are super comfortable. And they perfectly pair with the Swiss flag..! Maybe Switzerland and I are already a perfect match made in …

Bag-at-you---Hearts-Sweater Bag-at-you---Donna-Carolina-Shoes Bag-at-you---Chicwish-Sweater Bag-at-you---Chicwish-Sweater-heartsBag-at-you---Style-blog---Apres-ski-outfitBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Valentine-Sweater

As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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