Your fashion essentials for the San Francisco Weather!


Your fashion essentials for the San Francisco Weather!

This Sunday we experienced the warmest day since we have arrived in San Francisco five months ago. We were quite surprised by this amazing sunny weather, but our friends explained that this Indian Summer is quite normal for the City at the bay. We made sure we spent the weekend outdoors, close to the pool and the outside grill to have a big bbq. I was so happy that I could finally wear this colorful off-the-shoulder dress that I paired with this floppy hat and reversible tote. I found these items at my favourite shop, Toss Designs (see about my love for this shop in this article). The San Francisco weather is quite different from the Netherlands and other places I have visited in my life. For me, it came as a surprise. And as I know that a lot of people are planning to visit San Francisco shortly, this article explains all about the fashion essentials for the San Francisco weather so you know what to bring when you visit this beautiful city!


San Francisco Weather Essentials!

A lot of people think that San Francisco is like the rest of California: warm and sunny all year-round. However, now that I have lived here for 5 months, I can tell you that this is not exactly the case. I thought that I was able to wear shorts (see here) or cut-out-dresses (see here) every day, but unfortunately I can only wear them once in a while. Since San Francisco is located on a bay, its gets a lot of wind that keep the temperatures lower than in Los Angeles. The weather is a little backwards as Spring/Summer is slightly colder than the rest of the year. And another remarkable thing is that the temperatures can vary from every corner in the city. For example, in the Marina it will be colder than in the Mission district so if you are spending your day in San Francisco (check my city guide in this article) you may experience temperatures that change with 10°C.


Dress in layers!

I therefore strongly suggest that you dress in layers (e.g. a top, a cardigan and a knitted scarf). If you are wearing a dress like I do, I advise you to bring an extra sweater and leggings. You also want to wear some comfortable shoes like flats, sneakers or loafers, like the Keds Sneakers I’m wearing today. For a bag, I think this tote is also a very good option to carry when you go to San Francisco. It has a top tie closure and a flat zip pouch included so you can keep your wallet and phone extra secured. And it fits all your extra layers, your camera and your other essentials during your day in San Francisco. If you are planning to come to San Francisco and have any other questions on what to bring to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment in the below! 


Get the look: Dress, bag and hat by Toss Designs and Keds Sneakers.


Pictures by Caroline Curran


Hope you enjoyed this article! Xx Susanne – 

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