Layers of love!


Layers of love!

As our big day is only 21 days away, I’m starting to get very excited. The final preparations for the wedding are being made like visiting the flower shop for the bouquets and the jeweler for the rings as well as making appointments with the hair dresser and visagist so I can truly make a smashing appearance on 12 March. But I noted that I’m definitely not the only one who wants to look lovely as my mother and friends are also working on the finishing touch of their outfit. And while I was thinking about how to finalise that look so it will become a true unique outfit, I thought of the elegant and bohemian shawls of Spicy Scarves, all made by hand. This accessory label just launched a new collection with the opportune name: Layers of Love. As you will see by the colors, the fabrics and the lace, this is a very romantic summer collection. On the basis of three outfits – one for the bride on the morning of her wedding, one for the mother of the bride and one for the best friend – I will clarify why I think that a Spicy Scarve is the perfect accessory on a wedding (next to the bag of course;))!

The perfect outfit for the Bride on the morning of her wedding

After the bride has taken her morning treatments, it is very important that she doesn’t have to pull anything over her head after her hair and make-up has been done. A jumpsuit would therefore be the perfect option as well as a romantic shawl that will keep her warm. The white sneakers will get her into the bridal mood and a functional bag is necessary as well. And as she should not forget about time, she also want to wear a watch.


McGregor Jumpsuit // Spicy Scarve //  White adidas sneakers // Furla bag // Michael Kors watch 

The perfect outfit for the Mother of the bride

The mother of the bride should look stunning in a sophisticated way. Pink refers to her little girl and with a touch of beige this look will even be more elegant. Her bag is not too big and not too small as it must hold some of the essentials of the bride as well. The shawl will not only keep her warm but it is also very handy when she has to wipe away a tear during the ceremony.



Camps & Camps earrings // Michael Kors Bag // Stella McCartney dress // Spicy Scarve // Daphne Ferdinandus hat // L.K. Bennett shoes

The perfect outfit for the best friend of bride

The best friend of the bride may sparkle next to the bride and what colour is better than blue?! And this blue sequins dress and the comfortable party pumps with the limo clutch will just do the trick. The shawl will not only to keep her warm but can also come at hand when she notes that her best friend, the bride, has little goose pumps.


Spicy Scarve // Dior Nailpolish // Unisa pump // Kate Spade Limo clutch // Addrianna Papell dress


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