How to find your perfect bag for fall!


How to find your perfect bag for fall!

You might note something odd is going on, something strange; at least for this blog. If you look closely, you will note that I don’t carry a bag. Yip, I don’t have a bag that matches this look for autumn, yet..! Because we are going to solve this problem as we will find the perfect bag for fall in this article.


Because the truth is, we all crave a new handbag every season. But finding the perfect one is not always that easy. You have to consider which bag fits your lifestyle, your taste, and of course, your budget. Your bag says a lot about your personality. The bag has to be practical and polished, trendy and timeless. And you also have to think about which bags you already have in your collection. So to help you this season with finding the right bag using these questions, I will be your example. Scroll down to check the considerations for this season!


  1. If you are the type of girl who has tons of stuff to tote around, but doesn’t want anyone to know it, this Lancaster Paris Ikon Tote is for you. This model is ideal for traveling and work as it fits your electronics, magazines, A4 documents and a scarf or cardigan. Every girl should have at least one of these bags in her collection as the tote is very practical and easy to use.
  2. The Coach Swagger Handbag is the most feminine and elegant one of the bags. It is quite versatile as you can wear it as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag. If you don’t have time to change your bag often, you might want to opt for this one as it smoothly transitions from work week to weekend. Carry it in the crook of your arm to make an extra elegant appearance. It has a timeless and refined look and it is a safe investment because this model will be in style forever.
  3. Alone for the fact that this shoulder bag is absolutely stunning, the Jimmy Choo Candy Cross Body Bag is a great option for women that multi-task and you want to keep your hands free while your belongings stay secure. If you are always on the go, organised, elegant and confident, this bag is perfect for you. You have know what you need that day as you can’t bring along too many things. This shoulder bag style is the ideal bag to go from day to night when you want to walk in the bar with a bang!
  4. The Shopper bag is ideal for ladies who live spontaneously and conscious. You can leave the house with your fashionable shopper that only contains your wallet, phone and keys. But when you return in the evening you might have done some shopping and this shopper contains food and new clothes (without having to ask/pay for a plastic bag). It has a more casual appearance and fits a more impulsive lifestyle. Even though you don’t bring along this bag to the bar, it is your ideal companion during daytime.


My perfect bag for fall

I’m always on the go and don’t bring too many stuff with me when I leave the house. I very much like to carry my belongings in front of my body to keep them save. That is why I will opt for the Jimmy Choo Candy Cross Body Bag. I also love the fact that it is a true eye-catcher with all the glitters, that I don’t have anything that looks similar in my collection and that it perfectly matches my outfit. I’m still working on the budget-part though but for the rest, I’m definitely the Jimmy Choo shoulder bag-kind of girl. Which type are you? And did you already buy a new bag for this fall?


Get the look: Fab loafers (similar loafers here), denim jacket, necktie, yellow trousers and yellow top.


Pictures by Hameeda Blog // Instagram


– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx, Susanne –

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