The game called ‘layering during Fall’!


The game called ‘layering during Fall’!


Now that fall is here, the weather can surprise you with warmer and colder days. Even within the day itself, the climate can change completely. For example, when Jill was taking these pictures of me last weekend after we had brunch in Nob Hill, it was slightly raining. You can not really tell from the pictures, but the truth is that those sunglasses were more to protect my mascara than to protect my eyes from the sun – haha. The weather forecast was pretty good though and that is why I brought my sunnies. But as I know that the weather can be pretty unpredictable, I like to play the game called ‘layering during fall’. Because as you can understand, wearing a sweater was very nice at this point. But when the sun came out only one hour later, I took off the sweater and walked around in this cute blouse. Another clothing item I love for fall, are skirts. I can leave the house wearing tights that I can easily take off  when it gets too warm (in SF the temperatures can differ very much during the day and when you cross neighborhoods). So yes, that is why I loved wearing this outfit while strolling through the beautiful Nob Hill last weekend. It is a chic neighborhood in San Francisco, centered on the intersection of California Street and Powell Street. It is actually one of the original Seven Hills and known for the Grace Cathedral, Fairmont Hotel and its cute and characteristic restaurants. As it is up the hill you have the most beautiful views as well as a little wind. I can definitely recommend you visiting this neighbourhood when you are in San Francisco.


Pictures by Jill from Champagne for Everyday // @jill_champagne.for.everyday


Get the look: Vlieger & Vandam Bag, IMEELY sweater and blouse via, Ana Alcazar skirt, Cluse watch, Boohoo shoes and White oversized Sunglasses


Hope you enjoyed this article! Xx Susanne 

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