Hat box bags


Hat box bags


When you reach a certain age like I did, summertime is synonymous weddings. And as you can tell from the pictures, I am quite content with that fact. I love weddings and the entire fuzz around it. This summer I was lucky to be invited to a wedding that was held on the Dutch countryside, the Veluwe. The dress code was tenue de ville, which is in my experience a common way to dress for a wedding. Traditionally the man wears a custom made suit with a grey pantaloons and a blue suit-jacket. And the lady dresses in a woman’s suit or a chic gown. Today those strict directions have been loosen up a little which is perfectly reflected in the length of my skirt;). A hat is optional and the bag can not be too big nor conspicuous. As you may understand, the hat box bag is not the bag I was carrying to the ceremony (I was wearing this bag). But I do think that this accessory is absolutely worth sharing as you don’t see this type of bags very often these days. Hat box bags are something from the movies, carried by the high class women in the beginning of the 20th century. But I think that anyone who has a hat, should also buy an appropriate bag to carry, protect and store it safely. And for this reason I listed the best hat box bags that can be found online:


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