Hat box bag

Hat box bag

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Collage 2014-08-19 10_54_331. Sarah’s hat box
2. Extra large grandeur hat box
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4. Large classic hat box
5. Stylish ten-sided hat box

If you have a hat, you need a box!

Hats may be qualified as one of the most precious accessories in our collection as they are a no-throw-away adornment. Hats are traditionally the only fashion accessory that men know more about than women  (think for example of the top hat, the bowler, the pork pie or the Milan straw hat). However, that has changed because today mostly women wear these statement accessories. Hats enable you to mark your style and personality. Whether you would wear a casual straw hat, an elegant floppy hat or a chic fascinator, you will look glamorous and extremely fashionable. This accessory helps you make a fashion statement and let you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, hats can be helpful as they can cover up your bad hair day, disguise yourself if you do not want to be seen on the streets and protect you from the sun, the cold or the rain. Your hat may even have sentimental value as you maybe inherited the hat from your grandma, wore it at your best friend’s wedding or during your last brilliant holiday..!

A hat is timeless, already worn for a long time and has a large history. Did you know that one of the first illustrations from a hat appeared in the Thebes tomb (3200 BC)? In the 16th century, milliners (hatmakers) became a known definition in the Northern Italy region (Milan). And the last few years hats became really popular again. Some people say that the wedding of Kate & Prince William breathe new life into the hat-culture. I am really happy that millinery shops are starting to reappear on the streets and I bet you bought at least one hat this past year?!

So where and how should you store your precious collection which is probably growing each year? If you want to do it in an elegant and safe manner, you should definitely buy a hat box to put your hats away. But also if we have to travel, the hat box is a welcome bag to carry this accessory. Travelling is evolving in general and you might have been a guest to a wedding abroad this year as well? Besides protecting your hat, carrying your hat box almost looks as fabulous as wearing the hat itself. Hat boxes are available in all kind of sizes, fabrics and colors. Some have a real vintage feel, others are very basic. Hatbox Designs can even customize your box, e.g. in your house colors, your name or something else you wish to showcase. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy yourself a hat box!

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