Hot chocolate and marshmallows..!


Hot chocolate and marshmallows..!

Christmas is exactly 7 days away and I am super excited! Excited to celebrate the holidays with my family, for all the food and all the Christmas presents! However, I do realise that I’m very lucky to celebrate Christmas is such a warm, rich and delicious way and I truly hope you can do the same way. I send a lot of love to all of you in the form of this heart in my bag. This clutch is another very cute design by Milanblocks and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate bag for Christmas. The denim trousers by Anthropology are very festive because of the red tassels and are the basis of this casual Christmas outfit inspiration. The pair of pumps by Michael Kors I’m wearing are a staple in my wardrobe. They truly go with everything so I thought it was a save investment just before Christmas and New Year’s eve. Ohh and besides the ugly Christmas sweater, you really need a glistering red boat neck sweater like mine (here, here and here) as it will get you all Chrismassy at once! So to all of you, Happy Christmas!! I hope you will celebrate it in the most magical, cozy and happy way!


Photos by the sweetest and talented @lisa_mq


As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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