The Big Bag Dictionary


The Big Bag Dictionary

Keeping up with the purse terminology can become difficult and I’m therefore happy to announce that the big bag dictionary is ready for use. Baguette, clutch or tote, how do you know which bag it is? Hopefully this dictionary can help you to recognise all the models and styles in the world of bags.



A bag carried on one’s back and secured with two shoulder straps. Originally used by hikers and students but today it is a true fashion statement.


One of the favorites of Carrie Bradshaw and Fendi is famous for this small, narrow, rectangular shaped purse (click here for the movie: When Carrie gets robbed).

Bowling bag

This model was used to carry bowling balls. Since 1990 this bag is very popular as it has a stylish retro look. Often closed with a zipper and carried by two handles. Prada has even turned this bag into an icon.

Bucket bag

First created by Louis Vuitton in 1932: the Noé. This bag, with its rectangular base, a drawstring and a shoulder strap, was originally designed to carry bottles of champagne. In the 1950’s these kind of bags were created with a rounder base and have become a wanted summer accessory. Also called as a duffle bag.

Bum bag

Fanny pack, belt bag, belly bag, buffalo pouch, hip sack, phoney pack, waist bag, butt pack, waist wallet, hip pack, belt bag or moon bag is a small bag and worn by use of a strap around your waist or hips. Traditionally is this bag secured with a zipper, but today we see all kinds of fashionable variations.


Originally a small rectangular bag without handles that came into world in 1915. It was very popular until the second world war, when it was replaced by the more practical shoulder bag. Dior is guilty for the glamorous come back in 1947.

Cross body bag

The name leaves nothing to the imagination. It is a bag with a strap that is worn so that it diagonally crosses the body.

Drawstring bag

A bag that closes with a drawstring on top like a drawstring backpack (more about it here) or a drawstring handbag.


Mostly worn to more formal occasions. It has a rectangular shape and a fold-over envelope design, often closed with a pressed-stud fastening. Get yours here.

Gym bag

A large bag made of cloth or leather with a zippered opening on the top and two handles to carry. Mostly this bag comes with a removable strap so you can also use your shoulders to carry this bag. It’s main advantage is that it is compressible when empty. Also called as a holdall.


A bag that is carried in your hand and a medium-to-large size that is often stylish and typically used by women to hold personal items.

Hat box

A container for storing and transporting headgear, protecting it from damage and dust. Check this article for more.


A modern, casual every day bag. It often comes in a medium size which makes this bag ideal to carry it to work.

Messenger bag

Inspired by the bags that were carried by the mail deliverers, this bag is worn by one long strap across the body.


Small bag that closes with a zipper or a flap, a similar shape as an iPad sleeve.


This model origins from times of war in the 19th century. Afterwards it became the perfect schoolbag as it was a strong bag perfectly able to carry the necessary books and paper. In 1947, Elsa Schiaparelli designed the first satchel for women.


A bag with a simple rectangular design and two shoulder straps. Most of the times this bag is open and doesn’t have any compartments in the bag itself.

Shoulder bag

A bag that is carried over your shoulder.


Medium to large bag with an open top and two straps to carry.

Weekend bag

As the name reveals, this bag is perfect to bring to your weekend holiday. However it is also easy to use when you go sporting or to your sleepover as it is a big bag that fits a lot of essentials.


This bag is carried around your wrist and is clutch-shaped.


P.s. Featured image from The Fab. Life.
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