Confession: Addicted to bright & vivid colours!


Confession: Addicted to bright & vivid colours!

Seven weeks ago I arrived in San Francisco with my two suitcases filled with colourful dresses. It has always been clear that I have a great love for colourful apparel and that all black, grey or white – outfits weren’t part my standard attire. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if I don’t like neutral colours, but it just turns out that I always choose splashy tones first. And now that I live in San Francisco, where the streets are primarily filled with people dressed in basic shades, it is undeniable: I’m addicted to bright & vivid colours! Especially my summer wardrobe-items are mainly multicoloured and the Californian weather just ‘forces’ me to put on another pink coat or pants with a rich flower print. Like a butterfly I love to spread my colourful wings when I go out to meet new people, discover hidden gems or just go shopping in San Fran. But to avoid myself from making a too girly impression I have to add some refined, timeless and mature accessories. I therefore completed my look with this feminine Leontine Hagoort Bag. The caramel colour is so easy to match and it makes sure that I can make a killer-first-impression while wearing any of my favourite colourful outfits. Everything about this bag is sublime as it is finished with an amazing eye for detail. I also love the little tassels and the fact that it is an exclusive blend of Western, bohemian and vintage style. What do you think of this bag and are you also addicted to colour or do you have a preference for classy neutral shades?  


Get the look: Leontine Hagoort Lucy Caramel Bag, Keds sneakers, Zara pants, WE jacket Pink, Lace top and Sunglasses


– Pictures by A Parisian Wardrobe – 

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