What to wear to a Christmas Party?!


What to wear to a Christmas Party?!

Pink is the new red! So this year we don’t appear in our traditional red dress at the Christmas party, but we go for pink! With a little glister and glamour of course and a wink to red. Because even if we change things a little bit, we can not entirely let go of the traditions. So to inspire you on what to wear to a Christmas party this year, I show you this look. Festive but casual yet elegant and stylish, with a touch of the eighties. The mini skirt with the metallic coating and the glistering pink oversized shirt turn this look into an expected party outfit. And with a micro bag along your side, you will make a stunning appearance. You can only carry your essentials, but what else do you need than your lipstick, phone and cards. And with a shoulder bag you will have one hand free for holding your glass of champagne and the other for grabbing those delicious Christmas bites. Another big thing is that I exchanged my heels for feminine dress shoes. Because I’m so done with the unnecessary suffering and I’m ready for an amazing party! That is why I picked these braided dress shoes by Sutro footwear, a fashion label from San Francisco. And the best part is that all of the pieces can be styled different ways to recreate more outfits throughout the season.  What are you going to wear to your Christmas party this year?


Get the look: Marc Jacobs snapshot camera bag (here and here), Pink Skirt, Pink Glitter Shirt, Cluse Watch and Sutra Shoes


– Happy Holidays –

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