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29 Apr The best bags of Coachella 2016

Coachella Festival is one of my favourite annual events in California to follow my favourite bloggers and celebrities on Instagram. It is a six-days festival filled with music, art and the most dazzling outfits. As the party weekends have come to an end, I would love to give you a quick overview of the best looks at Coachella 2016, including the bags. Because this will not only get you into the festival...

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28 Apr Why everyone should have a leather bag!

Leather bags are a beloved accessory by both men and women. It is therefore not without reason that these leather items are for sale in many different stores like chic boutiques as well as department stores, vintage shops and any street market you'll visit. There is not a city in the world that forms an exception: you'll find beautiful leather pieces in both Marrakesh and Buenos Aires as well as Madrid...

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22 Apr Walk into the room and own it!

You are a go-getter, have a strong personality and are unstoppable. You have the beauty and the brains, are wise in disguise and you are living the dream. Your career is blooming, men go crazy for you and you never miss a party with your friends. You are young, wild at heart and you never leave the house without your laptop. You live your life to the max...

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19 Apr Last Call!

Last call!!! Our last day in the beautiful Amsterdam has come as we will fly to San Francisco tomorrow morning. I can tell you: I'm ready for a new adventure!! We moved out of our apartment last weekend, hugged our family and friends bye bye and I compiled the best outfit for our flight to San Francisco! My mother taught me to dress in style as you can only make a...

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16 Apr Last weekend in Amsterdam

It's all over my face: I'm excited!! Very excited! Yesterday I told you all about our next big adventure, being our move the other side of the world. Yes, it is finally going to happen! On Wednesday we will get on the plane that will take us to San Francisco, The City by the Bay! So only 4 days left in the beautiful Amsterdam. As from 2011 I...

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15 Apr If you are going to San Francisco…!

Finally I can tell you all about the big adventure that is about to start and the extravagant US sequin dress gives you a hint..! We.. Will.. Move.. to San Francisco! This Wednesday my husband and I will get on the airplane which will take us to the City by the Bay for one year! How AWESOME is this adventure, not to mention how romantic this year is going to be?! Exchanging...

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14 Apr Restaurant Allure

Grab your bag and go to Restaurant Allure in Rotterdam, a very special restaurant in the city I grew up. Accordingly I often go here with my family to celebrate and to enjoy the heavenly food as well as everything around it. They have a true passion for cooking as well as for hospitality. My family therefore loves to spend Christmas eve at this restaurant and many other special nights as...

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13 Apr The festival season is on!

The festival of the year is kicking off this weekend and that means the festival season is on! I'm talking about Coachella, an annual music and arts festival in the City of Eternal Sunshine in California. Last year I showed you my favourite looks of Coachella 2015 as it an all-festival-long fashion show. You can expect that such a report will appear again on this blog this year with all the trends, do's...

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12 Apr Back in time!

With this blog we go back in time. Not only because this vintage coco bag has a vintage look and feel, but also because we did this shoot 4 months ago. You might remember other photos on this blog that were taken here as well as I really love this location: Le Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh. It took French painter Jacques Majorelle forty years of passion and dedication...

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11 Apr The bag of… Fab and Luxury Curves

Saskia is a very special, sweet and a successful fashion blogger for Fab and Luxury Curves. She is the living proof that you don't have to be super slim to be beautiful. This blogger is super stylish and very creative with fashion. She encourages women all over the world to show themselves, even if they aren't a size 36. And she is not inspiring other women with a plus,...

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