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Travel in style with Eastpak

So you can probably tell from the pictures where these shots were taken. Indeed, Tuscany, Italy, one of the most beautiful places in the world with many tiny romantic villages! A few weeks ago I flew in to spend a couple of beautiful sunny days. As I only went for four days, I decided to only bring along a trolley. A new one as my former suitcase literally had...


Blogtip – How to use Snapchat as a blogger

The time is right! You might already started or are about to take the next step: Snapchat, a social network that might be worth your time. Harper's Bazaar called this "the fashion's favorite new app", so you cannot stay behind. I won't argue that I completely master this app, but I do like to help out my fellow bloggers who tell me that they don't understand the concept nor the...

Bag at You - Fashion blog- What is in my picnic basket - featured image

What to put in my picnic basket?!

July is here and we definitely physically feel that it is summer! It is crazily hot for Dutch standards and we can officially call this thing a heatwave. So last night, tonight, tomorrow night and so on I will be spending my free nights outdoors, preferably in the park. Yes, whether it will be take out from SLA, a bbq or simple drinks and snacks, I will go out for a picnick....

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Paul's Boutique bags - Tassen - Colorful skirt and white bag - Featured

Paul’s Boutique Bag

When I studied in London five years ago I had a special Saturday ritual. I loved waking up late as I worked in the local pub on Friday night, going to Portobello Road, visiting TopShop on Oxford Circus whereafter I would dress up for the big party night out. I don't know about you, but when I go abroad, it is easy to be infatuated by a local fashion brand....

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Win tickets for Amsterdam Fashion Week

Win tickets for Mercedez-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

In about eight days the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam starts for the 23rd time. For ten fashion packed days long, we can enjoy the renewed program divided into the Catwalk, Fashion Lab and Downtown presented by Zalando. Fashion Week will kick off with the 'Fashion is WOW'-party in De Marktkantine on 3 July (buy your tickets here). In the FashionWeek Amsterdam blog post I explained all about the origin of this fashion event and the first official...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - THINK X WAYUU BAGS - Pavo Real - Think Imaginary Tattoos - Wayuu Bag

Think x Wayuu Bags

Today I show you a piece of Wayuu art, the perfect example of what I call "pure eye candy". I am talking about the Wayuu mochilla bag that is hanging around my shoulders. This bag has been knitted by the Wayuu Indian Tribe in Colombia that is celebrated for its colorful and cultural bags and have been producing these accessories for many generations. The Wayuu people are known as the people of the...

Bag at You - Fashion blog - First vlog YouTube

First vlog is a fact!

There is a first time for everything. This movie is the result of our first vlog! It was a lot fun but you will see that there is much room for improvement. So join us on our journey and don't miss our next video's by following Mrs. Anchelon and Bag at You on YouTube. P.s. You might also like Fashion Week Amsterdam Video & The bag that should be on your bucket list! Follow my blog with...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - The iconic bags of my favorite Italian luxury brands

The iconic bags of my favorite Italian luxury brands

I totally feel the Italian vibes as I am visiting this country twice this month! Lucky me! Last weekend I went to Pescara, to cheer for the sportsmen that participated in the Iron man, specifically my sister, brother and their friends. And next week my boyfriend and I will fly to Pisa and drive in our white Fiat 500 to his parents in Toscane. I have not even unpacked...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Holiday bag - Vakantie tas - clutch handbag shoulderbag

The perfect bag to bring along to your summer holiday!

Summer holidays are the best days of the year. You can lie all day at the pool or on the beach and only have to decide whether you will opt for a corona or a cocktail. You loose all essence of time and can wonder around in your beach dress until sunset, the perfect time to change into a stunning outfit to go out for dinner. The only...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Pineapple bag - ananas tas - Sunglasses

Mr. Pineapple

Mr. Pineapple and I are inseparable this weekend! On Wednesday I flew to Italy, where I am currently enjoying myself with five athletes that are going to do the Ironman-triathlon. My job is to make sure they eat sufficient carbo-bombs, sleep many hours and cheer as loud as I can this Sunday! And since each Iron (wo)man brought his/her girl/boyfriend as well, I decided that Mr. Pineapple will be mine for the...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Joe Hart Bags - Blue Mermaid Dress - Tassen

I dare you to love me…

"Put on your dancing shoes, it is party time!" That was the text that accompanied my picture on instagram this weekend. Yes, I am totally in the party mood and I therefore decided to wear this dress for this particular shoot! Sea blue is my favorite color and I have always been a great fan of sequins. It therefore kind of feels like this French Connection Selene Sequin Mermaid Dress...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - What to wear to a wedding - Wat trek ik aan naar een huwelijk

What to wear to a wedding?

The wedding season is on! It is time for love, time to party and time to dress up. It is a big day full of joy and emotion. It takes a lot of planning and organizing and I guess that the easiest part is saying "yes" to the question, "Will you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife". I believe that the bride has to accomplish the most challenging task:...

BagAtYou - Fashion Blog - Unbegun Bags - Tassen Featured image - Denim


Yay!!! Have you already seen it and are you excited? We finally have a very good weather forecast here in the Netherlands! And although it is somewhat surreal, I bet you are totally thrilled about these sunny days ahead. This weekend will be the perfect weather for a walk in the park, a little boat ride through the canals or even a trip to the beach to drink a couple...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Recap of blog posts April & May

Recap blog posts April and May

So I thought it would be fun to try something new on Bag at You: a recap of all the blog posts published in the months April & May. Bag at You has a mix of outfit posts, specific "bag" articles and hotspots, which are mainly published on Tuesdays and Thursdays. April and May have been busy months and June will even be more bussier, all in a...

Bag at You - Fashio Blog - Cannes Film Festival 2015 - Palme d'Or

The clutch is the way to go at the Cannes Film Festival

The 68th Cannes Film Festival has come to an end and besides the excitement we felt for who would be the new award winner of the Palme d'Or and other trophies, we were all awaiting the pictures of the most dashing gowns worn to each of the premieres. As you will see in the pictures below, I love dresses decorated with sequins which most of the stars enriched with a bag....

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Festival Look - Bum Bag - heuptas - fanny pack

Ode to the Fashionable Bum Bag

As the popularity of the bum bag is growing, the time is now to dedicate an ode to the fashionable bum bag. In the post "When fashion meets function" you can see that this bag has many names like the belt bag, buffalo pouch, fanny pack, belly bag or waist wallet but for this post I will stick to the term "bum bag". I am a huge fan of...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Pharmacia Restaurant Lisbon - featured image

Restaurant Pharmacia in Lisbon

Grab your bag and go to Lisbon, specifically Restaurant Pharmacia. Maybe you remember, but last year we went to Lisbon, a city that is very much worth a visit (check out the Lisbon article here). I still have lovely memories of this trip. Besides the beauty of the city itself, the temperature is great, the surroundings are extraordinary and the food is delicious. And there is one place in...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Chanel Girl Bag

Chanel Girl Bag

The Chanel Girl Bag totally swept me off my feet. You might already have seen this bag in the fashion show reports, on fashion blogs or in the windows of the Chanel boutiques and then you know what I am talking about. This year boy meets girl. As you probably know, the Chanel Boy Bag has been around for a few years now and is each season reinvented...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Leopard bag never gets our of style

The magical effect of a leopard bag

A leopard bag never gets out of style! It is timeless, makes a statement and has a magical effect on outfits. Whether your outfit is plain and simple or colorful and embellished, the leopard will be a match. Olivia Palermo proved that leopard even teams with a floral print and orange leather and black fur (check my pinterest to see the picture). Leopard is a recurring trend and perfect for the...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Fierce Fashion Festival - Marlieke Sanny and Susanne - Tassen

Top 12 bags Fierce Fashion Festival

Today the first real fashion festival took place in the Netherlands. Modemusthaves proudly presented the Fierce Fashion Festival in Amsterdam. Although it all started with a lot of rain, Marlieke, Sanny and I eventually enjoyed Geza Weisz & Manuel Broekman and Kriss Kross with our sunnies. While the fashion show by Bastiaan van Schaik took place, we could score a good-luck bracelet by Riverstones, some new Ibiza People apparel, tattoos from Chique Tattoos or a...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Plastic bag pollution and fashionable alternatives

Fashionable alternative for plastic bags

You probably didn't miss the latest fuss about the amount of waste of plastic bags. This commotion exploded after the European Parliament set a maximum of 90 plastic bags per person by the end of 2019. Apparently a European person uses approximately 198 plastic bags in 2010, of which 90% are lightweight plastic bags that can't be reused and therefore more likely to litter the environment and strongly pollute water and...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Festival outfit - oodt - Franje rok - Fringes - Party Bag - Milkshake tas - Unicorn schoudertas

5 tips to get the perfect festival outfit and bag!

"My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…!" Do you remember the lyrics of this popular song by Kelis? I loved to sing along and dance while this song was bumping through the speakers. With these sunny days ahead I just can’t wait to go partying, especially at a superb festival. You probably already bought your tickets for the festivals this season and you might have even been...

Bag at You - Mothers day gifts ideas

Mothers day gift ideas

Sunday is the greatest holiday of the year: Mothers day! Because let's face it, your mother will always be the most important woman in your life and we have so much to thank her for. This article gives you some last minute mothers day gifts ideas. But first a little warning in advance. As I don't have any children, this post is written from the "kid-perspective". From what I...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - MYOMY leather bag - Spring dress

MYOMY My Black Bag

This weekend I realized again that we live in such a beautiful and talented country. I was lucky to spend the weekend in Nijmegen with my family and brought these beautiful bags by MYOMY. Two shoulderbags for only two days away from home - I guess this confession coming from a bagaholic is no surprise. But I also encourage you to do the same when you go on a short weekend...

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - MET Gala 2015 - Red Carpet - Best outfits and dresses

MET Gala 2015 Red Carpet Report

The dresses worn on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2015 are heavenly. The theme of the annual party, official named as at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit, was "China, Through The Looking Glass". Most of the guests addressed this subject very well. In this article the most impressive outfits will be shown, starting off with the above picture of Rihanna, the queen of the night. She walked...