When fashion meets function..!

Bag at You - Function meets fashion- Scarfs and bum bag - featured

When fashion meets function..!

Bag at You - Function meets fashion - Scarfs magazine and bum bagBag at You - Function meets fashion - YaKa scarf and bum bag - smileBag at You - Fashion meets function - YaKa scarf and bum bag on the sideBag at You - Function meets fashion - Bum bag used as clutchI love playing with accessories, especially when they are fashionable and functional. Today I show you my newest friend, my leather blue bum bag by & Other Stories! Or you may name it a fanny pack (US), waist wallet (Canada), hip pack (UK), moon bag (South Africa) or a heuptas (NL). Now that these names have been enumerated, you probably understand what I am talking about. This bag is to be worn by using a strap around the hips or waist. However, I choose this bum bag for its multi-functionality now that I can easily remove the straps and wear it also as a clutch.

Besides bags, I have a preference for accessories that keep you warm like a big hat, fashionable gloves, striking socks and statement shawls. These days, when the weather and temperature keep on changing, I do not leave the house without this YaKa shawl from Nepal. Bag at You - Fashion meets function- YakThis shawl is handmade and very warm as it is made from yak-wool, a very big animal (cow) that lives in the Himalaya. I got this shawl from Evelien who went to Nepal two years ago to work in small hospital. After she completed her medical internship, a beautiful trip through the mountains and a meditation course, she arrived in a small shop in the capital Kathmandu. She immediately noticed the shawls that perfectly represented the Nepalese characteristics that had impressed her so much: the Buddhist culture, the fierce colors on the streets and the breathtaking nature and views of this mountainous area. She decided to not only buy one for herself but also for her friends and family as she wanted to share the beauty and the pureness she had experienced. Two years later, after she received so many orders, Evelien has set up a YaKa Webshop where she sells these YaKa shawls in all kinds of exclusive colors for only EUR 24.

With the use of these accessories, fashion meets function. The hip pack is totally in style, whether you put it on the side or in the middle of your waist. And use it as a clutch if you have a more fancy occasion to attend to. Moreover, with the help of this bum bag you can perfectly style your shawl, e.g. by folding your shawl under the straps of the bag. Bring along this shawl when you go out for a coffee, have a beer at the pub or read a magazine on the terrace or when you go somewhere and want to bring something in case it gets cold. You can easily dress it up on a elegant party dress but also dress it down on a more casual jeans. Whatever you will wear and whatever the occasion, you will look dashing with these accessories.

Bag at You - Function meets fashion - fanny pack as clutchBag at You - Function meets fashion - Hip pack styles YaKa scarfBag at You - Function meets fashion - YaKa scarf and bum bag– Pictures by Tristy Do –

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