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Smiths of Smithfield

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Smiths of Smithfield (London)


Four restaurants in one building, a café, bar & cocktail bar, cigars, djs, live music and an art place. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or want to do private dining, SOS is the place to go!

 Smithfield used to be a field outside the City walls but for already 130 years now it is a marketplace. This restaurant is located in the heart of Smithfield Market – London’s only functioning meat market. If you are a meatlover, you should certainly go here, the venue where they serve premium quality meet: British bred, quality beef cooked in the strong UK tradition. You can choose the weight of your steak which has been dry aged for 21 days.

 The venue has a very cool appeal because of the open spaces, blasted brickwork and big windows. Each of the four floors is unique and distinctive from the other offering something for everyone and for each budget.

 After we enjoyed an aperitif in the cocktail bar (first floor), we had diner in the “dining room” (second floor), where they serve simple food made from the finest ingredients, served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Although the waiter really tried to convince me to choose the South Devon Rib Eye, Shorthorn Sirloin or South Devon Cote de Boeuf, I enjoyed the delicious pan fried hake (see menu here)!

If you do not yet have any plans for tonight, I would definitely recommend you to go to Smiths of Smithfield near Farringdon, next to Fabric.

This is not a sponsored post, I simply want to share this hotspot so you can grab your bag and go here as well.

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