Sinterklaas wishlist!


Sinterklaas wishlist!

So tell me, which items are listed on your Sinterklaas wishlist? Yes I know, this event is traditionally a celebration for the little ones. But I simply dare to ask this question as this event is still loved by many of the grown ups. Like me; I just can’t wait for 5 December! This year we meet my family in Friesland to celebrate ‘pakjesavond’ with poems and little presents while we meet my boyfriend’s family on Sunday for the awesome ‘dobbelspel’.

Do you like Sinterklaas? And do you also celebrate this night with friends or family? In case you don’t have any idea yet which present to ask from Sint, you can peek at my wishlist. Maybe you will find just the right inspiration?!


P.s. Image found on Lisanne love life.
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