The sarong bag!


The sarong bag!


Right in the middle of our five week trip we decided that it was time to take it slow and relax big time! We booked a fantastic sea view room at Amansala Exo-Chic Boutique Hotel (set on a beautiful part of the of the beach in Tulum, Mexico) where we stayed for five days. We were woken up by the singing birds after which we heard the waves of the sea and the wind going through the palms. We could see the sun shuttering over the water and the only question at that moment was: “are we going for an early morning swim or are we staying a bit longer in this big fabulous bed”? Bag at You Lunch HemingwayA large fruity breakfast was calling us after which the fresh Mexican style eggs were served. We laid down on big sunbeds, went for long beach walks and only paused from this wonderfulness to enjoy a big plate of grilled fish at Hemingway.

So after three days I started to wonder, what of the stuff that I put in my big heavy backpack did I actually use? And the answer was that all I needed was a bikini and a sarong. If you knot it the right way, you can be very creative with a sarong. Obviously you can use it as a towel, but you can also create different styles of dresses and skirts. Your sarong can be used as an accessory, like a hat, a scarf and – if you knot it the right way – even a bag (check out the steps below)!! So next time I go to paradise, all I will carry over my shoulder is a bikini and a sarong! What about you, what would you bring to paradise?

DIY – How to tie your sarong into a bag:

1. Make sure your sarong lays out flat in the sand (completely open in a rectangle);
2. Take an opposite corner of the sarong in each hand. Then pinch the corners until you have enough material to form a handle out of two knots (the first knot will be about 15 cm under the second knot). Repeat this step for the other corners;
3. Put your arm through the handles of the “handbag” that you have created and place your beach essentials inside your bag.


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