Refresh during Fall!


Refresh during Fall!

Fall is here and that is the season to refresh your wardrobe as well as your skin routine. We have to make sure that we slowly transition from the warm summer to the cold winter so that our skin is ready, as well as our closet…


Prepare your skin with Kiehl’s!

So besides the fact that we have to prepare our wardrobe for Fall, we also want to pay a little extra attention to our skin. That is why – in line with the refreshment of your wardrobe – I shot these pictures at Kiehl’s in San Francisco. I was invited to try out their newest personalised skincare product, which is personally prepared in a complimentary consultation. As purveyors of the finest skincare, Kiehl’s has been dedicated to offering their customers solutions to their unique skin needs since 1851. Combining this history of caring for your unique needs with the most advanced technologies, Kiehl’s presents the newest personalised skincare service: apothecary preparations. And I’m very excited to use this skincare so I can grow older more beautiful!

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Pictures by Ashley Batz // @ashleybatz


Refresh your wardrobe for Fall!

But fall is also the season to refresh your wardrobe. Because now that the new trends are coming in and we want to try out new styles, it is very tempting to buy new clothes. However, the truth is, our closets are just too full. At least, mine is. That is why I’d rather refresh my closet, instead of stashing my old garments to the back of my closet. Not only because it is bad for my clothing, but there are also a lot of people who would love to receive that warm cardigan that I don’t wear anymore or my denim that I loved so much two years ago. That is why I love to donate some pieces to charity. Last year I donated two bags to the refugees from the severe war zones (see article here). But this year I will bring my bag to Goodwill in San Francisco, as there are so many people living on the streets. This doesn’t make me a hero, but all little things help, right? And I would love to inspire you to do so as well. One trend I wanted to try out this winter is wearing a suit. And I have to admit that it feels better to wear this jacket, pants, shirt and shoes now that I know that some other items (jacket, shirts, sweater and pants) will have an amazing second life.


– I really hope you liked this article!Big Xx, Susanne –

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