Getting cozy!


Getting cozy!

During the colder seasons I love to get cozy. Close to a fireplace, with hot chocolate, a book or magazine and this outfit with my glasses! All comfortable of course as I want to be as relaxed as possible. However, I want to keep it stylish and that is why I love my new Polette Prescription Glasses so much. I have to admit that I wear my glasses most of the days as I absolutely don’t like wearing contacts. And with these glasses I don’t have to be afraid that I lose my style. Polette is a very affordable fashion label and fast in delivery without giving in on quality and style. My sweater is another favorite, which is an item I got from the Kenzo x H&M collection. And what do you think of my shoes?! These sleek Sutro dress shoes are very relaxed and I love the braided leather that has been added as a fun touch. The design is done in San Francisco whereafter they are handcrafted in Mexico where they only use soft, supple and full grain leather. Finally, I carried my beautiful leather bag by Freedom of Movement (remember this article) as it perfectly fits my books and magazine and adds a chic touch to this look. What do you like to wear on a relaxed and cold day in Fall or winter?

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Get the look: Freedom of Movement bag and watch, Polette Glasses, Woven dress shoes by Sutro Footwear, Zaful hat, Kenzo x H&M Sweater and nailpolish by Meeki Beauty Lab.


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