Help me find the perfect swimsuit!

Help me find the perfect swimsuit!

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1. Adidas Performance Swimsuit
2. Zoggs Cabarita Zipped High-Neck Swimsuit
3. Speedo Atomic Bikini
4. TYR Zion Female Diamondfit
5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Swimsuit
6. TYR Disco Inferno Diamondfit
7. Adidas Swimsuit Sport
8. Speedo Jetspa Print
9. Seafolly Swimsuit 

Would you go for beautiful, fashionable or practical? Yes, difficult question to answer because it always depends on the occasion… This choice involves the following. Have you heard of the Amsterdam City Swim? And more importantly, the story behind this great charity event?

There is luck and bad luck, sicknesses and incurable diseases & acquaintances and good friends.

So here is the story: in 2011 fourteen good friends of Weert Jan Weerts (December 2013) crossed the Hellespont river, one of the most significant open water swims in the world. Weert Jan had very bad luck as he suffered from the incurable disease ALS which stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a nerve and muscle disease where your muscles stop working one by one. The so-called Hellespont swimmers crossed this river for their unfortunate friend and received so many positive reactions and donations that they were encouraged to set up a public charity event as an ode to their buddy.

On 9 September 2012 the first edition of the Amsterdam City Swim took place in the 400 years old canals of Amsterdam, organized by five of them together with House of Sports (service sport marketing organization). This open water swimming event became a huge success as a lot of awareness and money was raised for further ALS research (EUR 740,000).

The Amsterdam City Swim is for everyone who desires to make a contribution to “Stichting ALS” and loves swimming (including kids this year!). The organizers are very serious about the safety of the participants and Waternet is doing the best they can to make the water in the canals as unpolluted and clean as possible.

On 7 September 2014 the Amsterdam City Swim will be held for the third time. Together with twelve of my colleagues we constitute a team and aim to raise a lot of money for this project as well. I am very happy to have the honor to swim 2014 meters in the canals of Amsterdam this year.

I would hereby like to thank the organization and all the volunteers for making this event possible! I know for certain that all swimmers, cheerers and donors will think of Weert Jan Weerts, the inspiration of this amazing event.

I would be very grateful for your donation (via as well as your recommendation on which swimsuit I should be wearing when I swim the Amsterdam canals for ALS!

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