One Earring!

One Earring!


Catwalk Céline Fall 2014 (Harper’s Bazaar)


Kate Winslet wearing Louis Vuitton (Harper’s Bazaar)

The single-status is on! The one piece is hot!

Wearing a single earring, without looking like you lost of forgot something… What is it about this new hype? The unthinkable has become totally fashionable! And that is exactly the part I love about fashion. One can never tell what trend the future brings..! I threw away many extravagant earrings. After I lost the “better half” of these beauties, I decided to throw away the other one, what was the use? Well, now I know! You see it a lot on the runway this fall: Céline and Louis Vuitton are sending their models down the Au/Wi 14 catwalk adorned with only one earring! These haute couture designers are showing their newest collection adding a shining, impressing one piece!

As I am a twin, I believe that all good things come in two’s;)! Just kidding, but serious I think it is hard to let one go. I therefore understand that if you are accustomed to your two earring look, it may be strange to go out wearing only one. My first experience with the one piece was great so I put it on again and again. I owe Asos my thanks for sending me my single colorful eye-catcher! My statement today: The one piece is hot and completes your look!! Finalize you look during the fall of 2014 by hanging a lone cluster from your one ear and leaving one bear or alternatively put a small discrete earring in your other.

Susanne - 2

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